Major Upgrade: Meagan Good

The last time Meagan Good was seen on the scene at the Grand Opening of Vanity Nightclub her attire was a disappointment to say the least. Well I have good news for all my fab brownsistas who responded to my post:) It looks as though Meagan took all of your advice and thought twice about what she wore this time around! Last night she attended the Celebration of Glee Golden Globe Nominations in L.A. and while I thought this was a major upgrade I still need your stamp of approval. SO DO WE LOVE IT?

*sidenote* I would kill for her skin regimen:)


  1. Definitely an upgrade from her last outfit But…I just dont like the short hair on Meagan. Its not her. Short hair is only for certain faces and she has a longer type of face. Shes still gorgeous,but the tresses do her more justice.

  2. Always too much makeup for me.
    Looks like she might have gone under the knife too.

  3. Definitely an upgrade from the last time. 🙂 I’m still getting use to the short hair on her. I don’t why she wears it but she doesn’t need makeup at all and surely not as much as she wears. She’s so pretty! I luvs Meagan!!!

  4. love love love this look and the short hair on her LOOKS FAB!

  5. her outfit is cute, but I abhor that make-up. She needs a new artist

  6. Outfit is better….make up still needs improvement, she’d look so much better with natural shades. Ditch the make up stylist!!!

  7. better outfit

    she still looks like she has a habit to me…

    that whitney houston “glow” when she was with bobby..

    meh..thats just me tho

  8. Meagan looks good in this outfit. I think the sparkling black dress suits her skin tone well. And her skin is flawless.

  9. love this outfit! i still don’t like her makeup though, she does not need so much damn foundation! her hair is hot!

  10. The short hair is so hot…body and outfit; bangin… but i agree with everyone else, she should go easy on the makeup, she is way pretty and makeup should only be used to enhance her beauty.

  11. i jus hope she ups the stakes on the fashion so she can get the herve legeres to throw her some real designer stuff to show off. she’s beautiful, easy on the icing and black long tresses back please!she needs a breakout role, she deserves it!

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