Make Me Blush

Makeup can be complex and it can be easy, we go gaga over glosses and eye shadow excitement is palpable, yet there is a makeup step that we forgotten to embrace – blush!

Blush is a great pop of color that can enhance or create cheekbones and turn a frown in to a smile with a single sweep of color. Adding blush to the cheek is perfect for work, the color is there but your look isn’t overdone but there is color!

Find the perfect blush by testing the inside of the lower lip. Match a blush to your naturally pink, inner lip. Once you smile, the color of the cheek and your natural colors will compliment each other.

How to apply?

Use a blush brush to apply, smile and apply blush in a sweeping motion along the apples of your cheek.

*Keep color to a minimum, start off light and add more blush if you desire more color.

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  1. Great article. I’m still trying to wrap my head around using blush though. It takes quite a bit of practice.

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