Makeup Fail: Amber Rose

Amber Rose hosted a pool party at the TAO Nightclub in Las Vegas and showed up looking like her usual delectable self. I was all ready to give the budding model a thumbs up for her red carpet outfit and bikini… at least I was until I saw her face. Oh from a distance Amber looked fine. But up close, not so much. The creamy skinned beauty, unaccompanied by Kanye (whom many believe is actually her fashion stylist) totally lost her way. From the morbid contacts to the orange-y blush, Amber’s make-up look for this event was a total fail.


  1. I agree Stephanie! and why does she have on her bathing suit under her outfit… That’s Ghetto… smh. And I just can’t with the contacts. She usually pulls it off but I can’t cosign these mess ups.

  2. She is usually on point but definitely not this night. Take away the contacts and I think you wouldn’t notice the bad blush job at all. Blush is so un-natural though. That is the only type of make-up I never ever wear.

  3. The make-up is not great but the contacts were the ultimate fail. They scream attention wh.ore. She doesn’t need them at all. Natural beauty is the best beauty. I bet she looks ten times better without all that goo on.

  4. Uggghhh! usually she is on point but that is a hot messy mess. She looks clownish.

  5. wow!! that orange blush is a mess!! no! no! no! and do her eyes always look like that? kind of scary

  6. OH!! What in the world….she does usually look great but the contacts and makeup do = epic fail.

  7. Um, I dont’ know what anyone else sees, but she fails most of the time to me. I don’t get it. Anyways this look is super ugly. She is no symbol of beauty for me. I feel that a true beauty can work more than one thing. The whory hip hop bald blonde is the only look that works for her, not my idea of beauty.

  8. I dont see the hype over amber smh anybody can become famous

  9. When so called pretty light complected girls cut off all their pretty straight hair Black people always have a mild heart attack. Just think back to the response of Rihanna cutting off her hair, Cassie cutting off her and so on. Rihanna even spoke of her record label taking her to task when she had cut off her hair previously. According to her they forced her to wear a weave to hide in. The bald or close cropped look however dates back many years and Idia Arie had been wearing that look most recently for years. No one cared though because she was dark and had kinky hair so who cares if she cut that off. Amber’s entire appeal is overhyped and superficial. She didn’t break any barriers or do anything that hadn’t already been done by a million other Black women. She was just the most recent melanin challenged woman to be hailed as trailblazer when she is actually just a follower. She is a bald headed Kim Kardashian.

  10. She is very tacky to me, and that is besides this pic. I think his ex was so much more classier. i don’t know what went down, but he downgraded to me.

  11. Lawd have mery what happened..just days ago she was fierce now she look like she aged 10yrs…dayum…just dayum!

  12. I dont think she is a Rihanna wanna be, she is just very unique!! Her body is ridiculous, but she is not cute at all to me and the contacts are no help!!

  13. okay don’t take what i’m about to ask wrong but i was just curious since i keep seeing this chick’s picture on the site that i travel to so….here it goes,
    what is amber rose? black? white? latina? a mix?

    past that i don’t want to know. but if anyone knows the answer to my question then let me know.

  14. @WHY
    Thank you for reiterating what I’ve been saying forever about India Arie and the hair thing. They made a big deal about Solange too, but really, India has been doing this for years..

    Anyhoo..I think Amber is a beautiful girl but she ain’t wife material. Kanye needs to have his fun with this girl and move on. He seems to have lost his way a
    little after Mom passed. Personally, I liked Alexis ALOT better. She was classy. This one? Not so much..she did get a modeling deal with Ford, tho.
    I believe I read she was mixed African and Italian.

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