Malinda Williams Gets “Nailed”

Actress Malinda Williams, who will always be “Bird” to me, is set to co-star alongside Tracey Morgan, Jessical Beil and Jake Gyllenhaal in the romantic comedy “Nailed”. The film of course revolves around Beil, who plays a waitress who gets a nail accidentally lodged in her head causing unpredictable behavior that leads her to Washington, DC, where sparks fly when she meets a clueless young senator who takes up her cause. Malinda will play Beil’s best friend or someone else none too important to the film and Morgan will play the dumb Negro who embarrasses us all. Nailed is presently in post production but has a tentative release date of summer 2009.


  1. Wow…you threw me off with the “none too important” and “dumb Negro”. Dang girl, tell us how you really feel! 🙂

  2. I love me some Malinda too but we all know she is going to play second or third fifddle to the Beil character. It’s like when I heard Meagan was going to be in the Love Guru with Jessica Alba- we all know Alba is the star and Meagan will play someone totally not important to the film at all. It’s just the curse of being a Black actress 🙁

    And I cannot stand Tracy Morgan.

  3. LOL at “Morgan will play the dumb Negro who embarrasses us all.” In the words of Karen from “Will & Grace”, it’s funny/sad ’cause it’s true.

  4. I agree with the “dumb Negro” and “none too important” comment. You hit the nail right on the head. At least Malinda found work. We all know how difficult that can be for a black actress.

  5. LOL @ the “none too important” and “dumb Negro” comment. Let the TRUTH sound from the highest mountain. The Entertainment Industry as well as The Sports world is only a reflection of society. Black actresses always playing second fiddle to the white actress has gotten real TIRED… I just wish our sistas would be more conscious of these stereotype roles. However, I do understand that it`s hard for our Black actresses to get work so being Militant may work against them; I guess that have to weave their way and pick and choose their fight. As they move higher up the ladder I`m sure it becomes easier to be picky. I must say Malinda is a gorgeous woman and I definitely hope she becomes a household name.

  6. stephanie,its jessica biel not
    we live in a country where blacks account for 12-13% of the population, having a black actor/actress in the main role is a risky business decision and wouldnt necessarily sell tickets at the box office especially black actresses.we live in a country where the entertainment industry is country by whites, just like the country and just like 80% of american wealth is in the hands of white folks and the left over (20%) is in the hands of minorities(blacks,hispanics,asians,naitve indians and more)
    nobody owes a black actress a main role, besides i`m sure malinda read the script before taking the role, so if she wants to play second fiddle to a white actress so be it, if tracy morgan wants to play dumb negro so be it, besides “dumb negro“ is not representative of me or any other black man, and things dont always have to be about race, because so many white actresses out there dont get roles and when they do, they`re nowhere to be found at the box office. will smith once said he`s successful because he works very hard and not necessarily because he`s talented..that brotha had to wait to be almost 40 to start making $20 mil per movie……………….

  7. Another best friend to a damn white girl. How many of you have a white girl as your ace boon coon? Aint gonna happen–not unless she has some flavor–and although I love JB I am pretty sure this role she will be playing the typical “white girl”.

    And to Oliver your statement about black women not selling tickets at the box office maybe somewhat true, that is the problem! That is why we are fustrated. It’s not fair! So what… you think we suppose to accept that? I dont think so. Regardless of what you say, black men are the most desired and black women are the least. We can vent because it is affecting the way society treats us as a whole. This is a site for us to do that and get our point across. If you dont like it take your ass somewhere else.

  8. @black sista
    calm down, i understand your fustrations but you obviously missed the point where i said nobody owes a black actress a main role, i mean you and i can go back and forth the whole day but that reality cannot be ignored, yes its true black men have arguable become the most mainstream men in america while black women in all walks of life in this country are either ignored or just not taken seriously and movies are definaltely a segment of the entertainment where industry nobody really takes the risk to give a black woman a main role in a big budget movie, but you know, entertainment is a business that has to generate profits, a director and a producer can have a meeting and admit that “well you know that girl angela bassett is good but hmmm katherine heigl would make us go straight to the bank on opening weekend“
    why is that? whites are the majority, not too many white women, men and kids are interested in seeing a malinda williams on the big screen, get a clue !

  9. My best friend is white. Well, part-white and part-Hispanic. 😆

    Wow, this movie sounds…typical and boring. I like Malinda. I even like Jessica. I *heart* Jake Gyllenhall, but gas is almost $4.00 a gallon! I choose my movies wisely these days. 😉

  10. I don’t have a “white girl” as a best-friend 🙁 LOL (that was sarcastically stated)

    Anyway, everyone has a point regarding the condition of the entertainment industry and how Blacks are under exposed and under paid. I feel like this, as long as we are considered the minority in this country, we’ll always get minor roles. Black entertainers are only successful in this country individually – not collectively – because they have met the standards and expectations of the White media. Crossover!!!

    There are a stream of black actors/actresses/films that have made it to the box office; and then there are some that has not (which I find to be bit more entertaining at times than the box office ones). But they will never gain the exposure they deserve because the white media is the majority and will choose their own kind over blacks because it’s all about sales and image. IMO.

  11. I have to agree with Oliver. Nobody owes black actresses anything. Instead of focusing on Hollywood, start your own film production company… As long as we keep begging the WM, we will always play second fiddle to everything.

  12. The key to big box office is the action hero/sci fi storyline. Black actresses need to think out the box or take a page out of Wesley’s and Will’s play book and create a sci-fi character worthy of a trilogy.

  13. Oliver your tone is unneccessary. And you say you’re black man?

    Before someone gave Will Smith or Denzel a chance I’m sure the same would have been said about placing a black male in a lead role. Dreamgirls was an all black cast and it cleaned up at the box office, despite naysayers.

    A black woman as the lead, not neccessarily Melinda, hasn’t never been tried so who knows how it would fare. Considering the countless flops starring white women are churned every year, how much worse could Sanaa Gabby, or Jada do really?

    And exactly where are the overwhelming images of black men in the mainstream? With the exception of a handful black men seem to always be the thug or the court jester.

  14. It doesn’t matter what Black actors & actresses do… the fact remains that Hollywood will only let in or should I say praise a very select few. Those selected are the ones who will get the decent movie roles, the status, & the big bucks i.e. the Will Smiths, Denzel Washingtons, Halle Berries, & the Jamie Foxxes. When I was in college I did a report on this very thing, how Hollywood only supports a few Black actors @ a time & that is why you see the same faces over & over.
    The groups change over the deacde, but whomever is chosen, I gaurantee those will be the same faces that you see gracing the screen. If you remember a couple of years back it was Angie Bassett, Samuel L. Jackson, & Denzel that were the top actors. Now it’s Halle, Jamie, Will, & Denzel. Denzel is the only one who has been blessed to stay in the elite circle. If you continue to pay close attention, watch how after awhile you are going to see another set of Black actors in the cirlce. This is all done to keep Black folk out of Hollywood, the “others” feel that if we see a few of our ppl getting props that we’ll be happy & keep our mouth shut. But little do they realize that we are paying attention to how they keep recycling the same folks over & over.
    Believe me I know that we have made some progress over the centuries, but when you think about it how much progress have we really made on THEIR playing field. I think that the best thing for Black entertainers to do is start their own GOOD QUALITY production groups & fund their own movies. That is the only way that you will see decent Black actors playing the lead instead of the thug, the crack head,the hoocie, or the bff… Besides there a lot of Black indy movies that are really good.
    Sorry for the rant, but I get carried away =-).

  15. Lol, if I see one more black man in drag! It’s like once a brotha puts on a frocks he’s that much more entetaining. Denzel said that he had to turn down so many roles where he was expected to cross dress or play some effeminate character.

    And let’s not talk about the pay scale Morgan Freeman just got to the $4M marked a few years ago. Jennifer Love Hewitt made that for her first movie role over ten years ago. Her resume consisted of a cast member from the show Party of Five. Nia Long claims she doesn’t even get $1M per role still at this stage in her career.


  16. @Brownee…
    the sad part is that Nia Long will never make those big numbers b/c she has yet to be trully recognized by the “other” Hollywood. I know it’s disgraceful.

  17. Wow I haven’t been paying attention I didn’t realize how tough it is for black actors, I can’t believe Morgan Freeman is only racking in 4 mil a flick, he’s one of the greatest actors of all time IMO. This is why more blacks have to get behind the scence and start producing their own movies because white folks really aren’t gonna do it for us and that’s where the money is anyways(unless the film tanks).

  18. I just love being on here!…y’all express such intelligence it makes me proud!…even when i don’t agree lol

    In London it is even worst it has got to the point that i very rarely watch TV/Films as it is pretty much set that the cast will be all white, the storyline rubbish and me vex at the fact that i have to pay to watch such cr**…to see a decent film with crediable black actors you have to stay up till bout 3 in the morning…on a week night…which means work the next day for me and i get up at 5! you see my frustrations! lol…British film and televison has even further to go than the states…and it will take even longer as most of the most talented black actors are now on your side of the pond (Idris elba etc) because the industry is so weak :0(

  19. Tiily,
    I lived in London for a while. Yes, the black British community really has absolutely no representation in the media. I have cousin who constantly tapes those over night programmes you’re referring to. Sad!

    Mee, yep behind the scenes is where more of us should be.

    Hollywood perpetuates racism more than anything. Do you honestly think non-blacks woudn’t support a film SIMPLY because the lead actress is black? But yet they’re okay supporting Barack Obama for president? Please!

    Before Beverly Johnson hit the cover of Vogue, “they” said it wouldn’t work.
    Before Jackie Robinson hit his first home run, “they” said it wouldn’t work.
    Before Oprah became OPRAH I’m sure no one saw that coming.

    Damn screen guild, give melanin a chance!

  20. I am so disappointed in the negativity here… do YOU see yourself as “none too important” to society? Do you see you fellow brother as “another dumb embarrasing Negro?” Why would you say that.

    This could have just been another all white film where they choose not to use any people of color and act like we dont exist in society.

    C’mon! Cheer up! See yourselves and your folks for more than what you are saying here. If you say it— imagine what white folks think about you.


  21. @ Lisa Dawnn
    I don’t think that we’re being negative, we’re just telling it like it is. We’re being realistic. Don’t get us wrong we are very proud of the accomplishements that our ppl have made, but you can’t deny that we are still getting shafted in many ways & the entertainment industry, mainly film, is 1 area that we feel it.
    Be honest w/ urself, don’t you ever get tired of always seeing the black character in the movie playing the same old tired roles, i.e. the bumbling idiot, the crackhead, the dope dealer, the thug, & the town harlot? I am sure you do. That’s what we’re doing, calling out that very thing.
    I think that’s why “Boomerang” is 1 of my favorite movies b/c it’s the only film that I can think of in the past 15 + yrs, where you saw an all Black cast that played successful characters.
    We do see oursleves as more, that’s why we fight for better roles & pay. But you are very right about one thing, that the “others” see us as nothing & that’s why we sit in the very position that we’re talking about today.

  22. Folks are offended when they use us, folks are offended when they don’t. When we are “played down” as maids and nannies, we get upset. When we are “played up” as powerful and sexy, we are equally offended. Even when we are rolling straight down the middle, playing the “best friend”, we still don’t seem to be satisfied. I have played many different roles representing several aspects of our community. I am proud of our community, and I embrace each and every image.  Whether it be the sister who went to school and became a partner at a law firm, or Shaneequa who hangs out all night on the corner.  Why should I be “embarrassed” by her when but for the grace of God, I could be her.  Everyone has a story. Even those who stand in judgement of others have a story, but I don’t allow myself to be offended by them either. 

    The other day on set, one of the extras, a young girl around age six came over to me.  With her hand planted firmly on her hip, she shimmied “Miss Malinda I like your purse. Wha chu got up in there?” Rather than simply shaking my head, saying “mm,mm,mm” and answering her question, I suggested a different way for her to ask a complete stranger a question, and then I told her what I had – ‘up in my purse’.  – I didn’t judge her. As a child, she was presenting an image to me that she had seen before and exists as a reality somewhere in her world. I left my image with her as well, and now she has another option. 

    As actors/actresses, we could say no to roles in certain movies, fearing that we might offend our community in some way. In truth, there is much more opportunity being on set where the actors, directors, producers, studio executives, and myriad other crew members can see us for who we really are and not who they may have thought we were. I saw making movies as an opportunity not to rise to the next level by Hollywood standards, but to help educate and enlighten people both on and off screen. When the creator hands out assignments, he may give you yours in the form of sitting behind a computer, working in a board room, driving a trash truck or even cleaning other people’s homes.There may be aspects of the assignment that may not always make you feel comfortable. Whatever it is you are doing, it cannot be accomplished without support, and in my book support means to uplift. At the end of the day, hollywood is in the busine$$ of making movies and if we don’t buy it, they won’t sell it. Period. If Hollywood tries to sell you a product that contains anything that offends you, then simply do not support it and they will stop selling it. Its really that simple.

    I have yet to hear Barack Obama leave the words hope and opportunity out of one of his many brilliant speeches. Hope is a beautiful thing, but without action, it is merely a four letter word. I believe what we see depends on what we are looking for. So if a man is looking to be offended, he is surely going to find it. In turn, he will criticize, curse and cut down his fellow man -and sadly, himself in the process. Conversely, if one seeks out hope and opportunity, he can only grow from his choice to see things differently and in turn, he will be compelled through action, to assist and uplift those around him. 

    ‘You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.’
    — Richard Buckminster Fuller

  23. My biggest problem is that none of you have seen the film and you are quick to make negative comments about the black roles which I see as more of a supporting role than as “none too important” to the film. But at the end of the day you judge life based on your personal experiences. Your comments are truly a reflection of how you feel about yourselves.

    My hope is that this film will deliver a meaningful message (through humor) about the healthcare mess and teach us all that WE have the power to change things. We are not “none too important” — and even if one’s character is “another dumb embarrasing negro” — you too have the power to change things.

  24. Hello Malinda!! “Anon” I had to read further in the email to see it was YOU! Wow! What you said is powerful. Thanks for those words.

  25. Wow!!!

    That is the only word I have for the moderators of this site. I do not wish to remain anonymous or under the name of “Anon” on my post. I left my name -Malinda Williams- for a reason. I also entered my personal email address so that you may verify that I indeed did post the entry. Oscar Wilde said ‘Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.’ Well I have no desire to wear the mask that so conveniently tried to give me from behind a computer screen.
    My name and signature were both removed from the post and I would like for to put them back. I am neither afraid to express myself, nor am I some out of touch actress who’s feelings get all bent out of shape from criticism. If you would like for everyone in these postings to remain anonymous, then I think it’s only fair that you also make the subject anonymous as well. Maybe the header should read “Black actress, that we all know from a certain tv show, lands a new movie project.”

    While I am certainly not suggesting how you should run your site, I am asking you to be fair. If you are going to name me in the original post, then let my name also remain in my post so that I may speak my truth. -thanks

    All my best,

    Malinda Williams

  26. Lisa white people, schmite people. I care more about what little black boys and girls growing up watching the screens are seeing.


    If you actually read this: I feel what you’re saying, though I don’t agree with every single point made. Oh and you’re a beautiful sista, chocolate pixie (no homo), lol.

  27. Thanks Brownee – It’s okay to disagree. :o)

  28. Malinda I was moved by your words and it made me think…to the point that i could not even post straight away as i wanted to take time to reflect on my thinking. I often think that sometimes we forget that their are ‘ghetto chicks’ and ‘bougie chicks’ and all of them deserve a place on screen whether we like them or not…and i guess when it is all said and done you can just switch off, not buy it, not support it and just plain old ignore it if you do not like it…i personally can’t wait until we have more Tyler Perrys who own their own studios and give Hollywood a run for their money. We have to learn to take the good and bad in everything…how boring would things be if we liked everything and what would we have to dicuss on here!? :0)…Things do need to change without a doubt and maybe Malinda in this role is a little part of that…Malinda do your thing i’m glad you even made it into the film, in London i often have to watch programs / films where i am the only black person in it and i’m just watching! lol

    Good luck with eveything..and blessing to eveyone!x

  29. I do not hardly believe you are Malinda Williams. The fact that you have chosen to use the name and continue to come back whining is proof that you aren’t if you ask me. Claiming to be Malinda does not mean I will back it or allow you to continue to post as someone you are not. I have done a million posts on Malinda and the chance that she would just so happen to stop by now I think is pretty slim to none.

    As for speaking your truth- why? What truth do we need for you to speak here? No false statements have been made that require you to speak any truth.

    Stop embarassing yourself and go play with the 2 chicks who pretended to be Meagan Good and Beyonce.

    Btw, I covered Janelle Monae and guess what? The REAL Janelle contacted me and thanked me. When you can contact me and PROVE that you are Malinda you will be allowed to post as her and not a moment sooner.

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