Mariah Carey Gets Pushed Back

Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel Mariah Carey’s latest studio album, Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel” has been pushed back. Originally scheduled for an August 25th release, MOAIA is now scheduled to be released on September 15th. Some have speculated that the lukewarm reception of Mariah’s lead single “Obsessed” led to the pushback; however that theory doesn’t hold much water seeing as how the song presently sits at #11 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. The most likely explanation for the pushback is simply that Mariah has not finished the album yet. The singer tweeted just last week that she was still in the studio recording material and that her deadline was fast approaching.

There is some good news to report however. Mariah’s remix video for “Obsessed” featuring Gucci Mane will be released this Thursday.


  1. I mean i will get Mariah and Whitney so whenever she is ready my 15 bucks are ready too

  2. I don’t like her first single but now Mariah’s second single always seem to be better anyway. Moving her date back was not a good move though cause now she will go up against Jay Z and he will win. Jay always has huge opening numbers while Mariah has never gone Gold in the first week yet. It’s always best to start out on top when you are an artists like Mariah. People expect an artists of her caliber to have a #1 not #2 album.

  3. Coco: Idk Jay z is pretty played out, and many people are getting tired of him, and beside I don’t think that one artists can win over another one in the Cd categories ,You know what i mean>?

  4. Single? She released a single? Damn that is a bad start. The title sounds kind of lame too. Emancipation of Mimi was up to par with her stuff from the early 90’s but her last CD E=MC2, it wasn’t that hot. It was over produced. I like to hear actual singing, that’s what radio is missing. I hope she delivers some quality music.

  5. Im still listen to ” The Emancipation Of MIMI” one of her BEST albums ever

  6. Okay this may sound bad but it is not, I was hoping Mariah would not come out on August 25th because I really wanted to see how Letoya Luckett would fair this time around and Mariah is bigger. That is not to say that I don’t want Mariah to do well because I am sure she won’t have a problem. Mariah has like 19 #1’s more than any other artist in history so I don’t think a push back means doom for her.

  7. @KoKo

    What you said does not sound bad, but do you think Letoya would be number one anyways? To be honest it doesn’t matter if Letoya releases something the same day as Mariah Carey or Corey Clark, at this point I don’t think she’ll make the top three. I like Letoya and all, but her last singles were kinda weak.

  8. MC’s single fell to #20 on this week’s chart. The song got so high because of downloads only. Radio has not been receptive. I expect a hotter second single from Mariah and it will probably drop before the album gets released.

  9. yeah I am not buying that about the single. It’s everywhere. I will wait on Mimi and Mama Whitney too!

  10. Mariah is an adult, she can’t make those silly tween catchy songs. She has way too much talent for that lack luster single. Everything Tricky and Dream is not always going to be a #1 single. Go back to Jermaine Dupri because Emancipation of Mimi was the $hit.

  11. @Leema I couldn’t agree with you more. She is too old for alot of the stuff that she does. I am not calling her old but she is to old for the foolishness that she does. But I am definatley waiting for Whitney. i have already pre-ordered.

  12. @ Leema

    I totally agree. That touch my body, bye bye, even though bye bye had a good meaning, those songs are just too watered down for her. That’s why Mimi’s emancipation was perfect, it was more mature and appealing to a larg crowd. The songs made sense, they had meaning and they were catchy.

  13. Mariah needs to get back to making the kind of music that she made back in the 90’s. Enough of this hip-hop crap and trying to keep up with the tweens and 20 something year olds. She has made her mark in music history and doesn’t need to prove anything. That is why MJ was so successful because he made music that all generations could enjoy, not just the TRL and 106 & Park crowd.

  14. her voice is overworked and messed up from that lovely unique screaming sound she used to make and so i dnt expect any 90z music from her,i didnt buy her last ulbum coz it reminded me of her glitter era.

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