Mariah Carey’s Precious Award

Mariah Carey In Precious Mariah Carey’s singing career might just have to take a backseat to star’s burgeoning acting career. According to Indiewire, Mariah will be recognized by the Palm Springs International Film Festival for her role in the movie Precious. Festival chairman Harold Matzner commented, “We’re delighted to be able to present the Breakthrough Performance Award to the extraordinary, very beautiful and versatile Mariah Carey, who, in a critically acclaimed role, completely transformed herself from a glamorous music icon to a forthright social worker for the role of Ms. Weiss in Precious.” Past recipients of the Breakthrough Performance Award include Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Hudson, Felicity Huffman and Freida Pinto. Mariah Carey will join previously announced honorees Morgan Freeman and Anna Kendrick at the event. The Awards Gala will take place Tuesday, January 5th at the Palm Springs Convention Center and will be hosted by “Entertainment Tonight’s” Mary Hart. The Festival runs January 5-18th, 2010.


  1. Go Mariah,

    A good way to transition into becoming a mature singer/performer…allows fans to see you as more!

    Can’t wait to see precious!

  2. Congratulation. I saw Glitter along time ago and I always thought that she did really well in that picture and I thought it was a good picture.

  3. Im glad for her.
    It seems that once she acknowledged her true ethnicity, her career took off. She also appears to be very happy with Nick.

    The truth shall set you free.

    Go Mimi!

  4. i saw precious twice-please go see it- Superb movie. Every person down to Lenny Kravitz 2minute performance was amaaazing. Even Robin thicke’s wife, don’t know her name. But Mo’nigue- wheew-that lady need 2 quit comedy and do acting fulltime-for real.

  5. I cried watching Prescious. Monique did an excellent job as that evil, menacial crazed breeder. I, truly never hated a fictional character the way I hated that mother. Monique really should stop doing comedy and become a dramatic actress. It’s amazing how warped Hollywood is, the majority of black actresses can really act, but are limited to Tyler Perry films for work. Sad.

    And as far as Mariah Carey , she did her part. She was believable in her role. And I don’t see it as a boost now that she accknowledge her ethnicity, I think it as to do with the fact that she’s taking her acting choices more seriously. That’s all.

    Lenny was cute as usual and his scenes were funny.

    Paula Patton was good in the film.

    Off topic: I finally saw This Is It, it was a good movie, and whomever said that MJ didn’t like black people straight up lied. His band was mainly black, and the women he selected for female leads were black. And it was so obvious that he was attracted to them, and they were attracted to him as well. Personally, I’ve never seen a sexual side to MJ, it was refreshing. Too bad he didn’t show that side of him before. MJ was sexy. Sad that people never saw that side of him.

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