Mariah Carey Shoots H.A.T.E.U. Video

Despite numerous denials Mariah Carey continues to be plagued by pregnancy rumors. Even as the singer frolicked about on the beach in Malibu while shooting the video for her latest single “H.A.T.E.U.”- the public speculated about the obvious pooch poking out through the singer’s skimpy outfit. Personally, as a mother and looking at MC close up- I would say she looks incredibly pregnant. Some would say she looks fat and yeah she does- but it’s clearly baby fat instead of “I ate too many cheeseburgers” fat.

Whatever the case- I hate to speculate- but since I already (lol) have, let me be the first to congratulate Mariah and Nick… CONGRATULATIONS !

Mariah Carey Shooting New Videi03Mariah Carey Shooting New Videi01Mariah Carey Shooting New Videi04


  1. She does look like she is expecting she just has that pregnancy look about her body. She does not look fat she looks pregnant. In the middle, her face, and even her thighs that is why she is wobbling in those shoes because your balance is off when you are pregnant. That is why she tripped on Leno because you can’t walk in those crazy hills when you are expecting.

  2. Yeah, that kini is not hot hot on her. Her stylist is just getting all of her money and not telling her the truth, you’re not skinny anymore mariah, and you’re not 20 either, put some clothes on woman.

  3. mariah looks good and pregnant lol and glad she’s making hate u a single!

  4. I think she is preggers. Lots of celebs are having babies in their 40’s, and it looks like shes been waiting for a guy like Nick for a long time. Congrats to her if she is.
    She just did a Larry King special on emotional abuse, she went through.

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