Mary J. Blige’s New Hood Love Video

Mary J. Blige is still riding high off of the success of her “Stronger With Each Tear” album. So high in fact, the R n’ B diva is gearing up to release not one, but two new singles: “Hood Love” and “Good Love.” Mary revealed to MTV News that she just finished shooting the video for “Hood Love,” which features Trey Songz and includes a cameo by football player George Wilson. Originally scheduled to be released via Vevo on Monday, BET actually beat them to it and premiered the video earlier this evening.

Check it out below…


  1. that was a teaser right?..? Or is something wrong with my video?

  2. Love Mary just wish she’d do something with dat mushroom cut or whatever it’s called

  3. Is it just me, or is Trey Songz horribly overrated? Something about his voice and that brittle vibrato he has, sounds like yodeling.

    In other news, I kinda like this vid. Kinda.

  4. I think this is the teaser btw, I saw the full video earlier on (cringe) 106 & Park

  5. OMG!!! That song is so dope!!!! Exactly where I am in my relationship!! Thank you Mary! 🙂

  6. Yeah I watched that again and I kinda love that. I like Trey and his addition was nice and not overdone. Mary don’t play with the shine. It belongs to her in her video.

  7. I like it, I just wish Hip hop and r&b Divas will stop mixing with the youth f today, They don’t know anything else but sex 🙂

  8. haha @ comment about Trey Songz

    I love this song! And I like Trey Songz too, but I can see how some wouldn’t like his voice. But, hey, his voice might change because he said he’s getting a vocal coach.

  9. @LOL I agree Trey Songz Is overrated and egotistical too….but MJB Is my girl I miss the more ”Raspy” soulful side of Mary though!

  10. Trey is over-played. He’s got a decent voice and ok lyrics but we’ve all heard better. unortunately, until Ne-yo or another male vocalist drops another album… we’re stuck w/Trey. LOL

    i LOVE this video though. Mary never disappoints.

  11. Love this song, been jamming to it since i got the cd. Go MARY

  12. @ZY I agree, lol until Neyo or someone else comes out we’re stuck with RNB from Trey

  13. I am so mad at this version of “Hood Love”! A few years back, she recorded this song with Johnta Austin and it was soooo much better! I guess since Trey is “hot” right now, she chose to re-record it. I like Trey and all but this was not a good fit!!

  14. i agree with Janeen! the version with Johnta Austin is WAY BETTER! this version has nothing on the original!! this is not a good look. vocals here are weak.. they are trying to hard!

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