Mary & Alicia Get Pushed Back

Mary J. Blige & Alicia KeysSingers Mary J. Blige and Alicia Keys have both decided to push back their album release dates. Once scheduled for a December 1st release, Alicia’s “Element of Freedom” will now make its debut two weeks later on December 15th. Also scheduled for a December 15th release is Mary J. Blige’s “Stronger”, which was originally set to be released on November 24th.

No word yet as to why the albums were pushed back, but many speculate lukewarm responses to both of the singer’s first singles may have been the cause. Mary’s first single, The One, which features rapper Drake, has reportedly only reached #42 on the Hip-Hop and R & B chart and is no where to be seen on the Hot 100 chart. Alicia Key’s first single, Doesn’t Really Matter, has fared a bit better, sitting comfortably in the #61 position on the Hot 100 chart after 4 weeks of release.

Both singers will now reportedly release new singles before their albums arrive. Alicia will go with her much talked about single “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart.” While Mary will go with the Ryan Leslie written and produced ballad, “Said & Done.”

For those keeping score, both Mary and Alicia are known for going Gold in the first week of release. Mary’s last album debuted at #1 with sales of 629,000, while Alicia did even better with first week sales of 742,000.


  1. yeah both songs are lukewarm to me but MJB’s song “The One” took some time for me to like it maybe cause Drake was on it SMH but sounds good in the club i like the beat to it.

    An A.keys new song & video “Doesn’t mean anything” has simplicity to it even though all her songs do….it still reminds me of her song “NO one”

  2. With Rihanna and Lady Gaga and a few other people releasing albums this fall, Alicia and Mary are better off pushing their albums back after release weak first singles. Granted, it will take them out of the Grammy’s game for 2010, but better than being humiliated with lackluster first week sales.

  3. I agreed that the end of this year is like an album releasing war. And no singers want to lose in this war.So they and the labels need to have a smart releasing date.

  4. WOW this should be interesting. But the first week sales does get too hyped up because really the ones that sell alot in the first week dont sell many in the long term.

  5. This is interesting!…I saw an interview with Jay-z on Fuse and he said how another genre of music can step in right now because all the music sound alike, speaking of hip hop. It’s also rnb and pop for the exception of a few. Gospel and Country has remained true to its roots, soulful, moving, stirring, live instrumentation and good songwriting.

    Jay-z slayed with the numbers and great music, after not pulling those numbers on other albums, he took control of his marketing, but the quality was also there.

    There is some really good music out there, Faith Evans and Teena Marie duet, Letoya and so many others. But, the industry is clueless and hold the artists hostage.

    Mary, Alicia and other heavy hitters better pull a Jay-z, enlist his marketing savvy or its likeness pull a rabbit out of the hat. His tie-ins and cross-promotions were excellent!

  6. I totally agree with 171… Lil Wayne sold 1 million in one week but how much does he sold at the end? Lady Gaga starts slowly in the U.S (she was already big in Europe) and look where she is now.

  7. As Sepia said, we don’t buy like we use to…we have be true fans and true fans support their artists, even if it isn’t their best. This is why Madonna is still on top or the Rolling Stones or any reunion tour or band will sell out!

  8. Mary and Alicia have proved that they can sell well over 500,000 first week out so why the hell should they be worried about lil Lady Gaga and Rhianah.. These artists cant mess with either one of those divas first week sales they should be worried about Mary and Alicia.

  9. Alici Keys is gonna kill like she always does…haters and alll..LOL

  10. I never understood either the whole importance with first week sales, people act like if you don’t sell as many as others think you should then the album is a flop but that is just not true in every case. I know the artist wants a #1 album but they also want to sell several million in the long run which is better. Anyway I will probably buy both anyway, so the date don’t matter to me.

  11. Hmmm. If that’s what they feel they must do. I think record companies are ridiculously paranoid (greedy) these days. Both Mary and Alicia are A-list artists who sell well. Maybe this is their way of ‘sharing the market’…not releasing on the same day as the other two so that all four can make money?

  12. Mary is being pushed back do to critical reponse, and I believe she will pull it together.

    Alicia is being pushed back because what goes around comes around. Her management or whoever knows she has lost fans. If her album is hot, I will download it or buy it from a bootlegger.

  13. @ KOKO

    I agree. I remember when Keyshia Cole first came out she was a flop, Should’ve Cheated and that show saved her. I guess it depends on whos behind them at their label for one, and maybe since Mary isn’t so new, I guess they figure if she doesn’t get sales the first week, she won’t. Not like a new artist.

  14. Mary J. Blige can’t dance. A keys if fuking a married man. Nuff said.

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