Mary J Blige Announces ‘The London Sessions’


After declaring that her musical growth was being stunted here in the United States, singer Mary J. Blige packed her bags and headed overseas in order to get her creative groove back.

Blige found herself in the U.K. and has since teamed up with writer Sam Smith and a host of other British writers and producers to bring us “Mary J. Blige: The London Sessions,” a 10-track CD set to be released sometime this November.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Blige called London the mecca of musical freedom, saying: “The music is free here the way it used to be in the States. Artists are free to do what they love and you can hear it when you listen to the radio.”

Mary’s last musical venture was the ill-fated soundtrack to the romantic comedy “Think Like a Man Too.” Mary fronted the entire 14-track CD which has so far gone on to sell less than 300,000 copies.

Despite its low sales, Mary calls the album one of her favorites, but says she recognizes that American radio isn’t as open to her as it once was. “R&B radio in the States has become very closed off,” she told the newspaper. “Veteran artists especially are having a hard time.”

When asked how she expects ‘The London Sessions’ to fare in the U.S., Mary said she hopes her die-hard fans will embrace her new sound and that hopefully along the way she pick up new listeners as well.


  1. I can see that The powers that be has determined that the only music black people will make and hear is extremely harsh, rude, and lacking any soul.

  2. Good for MJB for calling out American radio and mainstream music platforms who seem to be expunging musicians, creativity, singing talent, decent comprehensive lyrics and any deep thought from the universe. However, artists are just as culpable to the soulless music we have been subjected to for over 10 years. Some of our r&b musicians seem to only want to work with the same crop of talented yet tired hip hop related producers/writers who give everyone the same sound. The same tired themes and emotions are parlayed in almost every song out. Mary’s last couple of releases although good haven’t been up to par (stronger with each tear and My Life II), and her last think like a man soundtrack, which even I didn’t buy. People are digging Adele and Sam Smith because they are doing what soul r&b artists were doing years previous, real lyrics, solid arrangements, live instrumentation, good emotive singing, and real emotion that everyone can relate or hold on to. I am excited Mary is trying something different, as some of MJB’s audience have held her hostage to being the hood queen for far too long. MJB branched out with her Xmas album, which was great. I hope the new album is chalked full of soul singing with 70’s themes and arrangements al la Roberta Flack, Nina Simone or Stephanie Mills.. It’s also time for someone to add some social commentary in their lyrics, because if you turn on the tv we are on fire. I will support this MJB effort, and am excited for it.

  3. Good for mjb for going over to England to do her own thing! Look at Kelly Rowland she went to Europe to get the recognition to build her career and promote her music.

    I agree with Kim that mjb fans are keeping her hostage when it comes to her music. She is doing her own thing working with artists of great talent and is showing her fans she can do more… I am looking forward to her new projects and I wish her well.

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