Mary J. Blige Covers Healthy Living Magazine

MARY J BLIGE COVERS HEALTHY LIVING MAGAZINE-5Singer Mary J. Blige is covering the latest edition of Healthy Living magazine.

With a new album (The London Sessions) and tour dates to fulfill, Mary says she’s more determined than ever to keep her mind, body and spirit in optimal condition. “My life today is about being focused and disciplined,” she told the magazine. “It’s not easy but it’s worth it once you start seeing the results.”

The 44-year old Queen of Hip-Hop Soul then dishes on changing up her lifestyle as she gets older, why she moved to be closer to her trainer, and why she refuses to ever again step on a scale.

Check out excerpts from the interview below, and click here to visit Healthy Living’s official website.
HealthyLivinG: On tour, do you get to work out despite the hectic schedule and jet lag?

Mary J Blige: Absolutely. I find time to work out. I make time to train four or five times a week. I try to rest at least one day out of the week, but I’m just going constantly—but I have to take a rest day.

HealthyLivinG: You are very fond of your personal trainer. What makes him so good?

Mary J Blige: I met Greg years ago when I was about to do the Breakthrough album. It was one of my biggest, most successful albums in my career and I needed a trainer to get me in shape and rip me up. Not that I haven’t been ripped up before, but I fell off completely and I needed something new; fresh and someone that had something new to offer and new information. Greg was fresh and new, he had so much information and that added to the training: why I’m doing this; what body part is this working; why should I diet this way. He helped me to get in the best shape of my life during the Breakthrough album. During that time I was ripped up, like shredded, healthy, probably super slim and that was Greg who did that. From that point on to the Growing Pains album, he’s been a part of my life and now here we are again. Now that I’ve moved to LA, he lives in LA and has an incredible gym that I have to stay close to him for. Greg just makes you want to train.

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