Mary J. Blige Covers Vegas Magazine

Mary J. Blige Covers Vegas Magazine Mary J. Blige has a certain distaste for this country’s favorite pastime, American Idol. But she won’t admit it outright. “I haven’t really watched it since Ruben [Studdard] won,” the singer tells me after cutting her workout short and grabbing the phone at her New Jersey home for our interview. But whether she likes it or not, she does think the juggernaut show does the contestants a huge disservice. “Honestly, it’s not giving most of them a real chance to become an artist for the rest of their lives,” she explains. “They are on national TV every night. They have automatic fame. All of the greatest artists had to struggle for their success.”

Trials, tribulations and struggle are very familiar to Blige, 37. Raised in the Schlobam projects in Yonkers, New York, she endured what many have come to view as the cliched ghetto-child experience: missing father, struggling single mother and surrounded by violence and despair. Then she wandered into a karaoke-style recording studio in the Galleria mall in White Plains, New York, and recorded Anita Baker’s “Rapture.” The tape landed in the hands of then Uptown Records president Andre Harrell, who quickly signed her. But she sat in record-label limbo and performed as a back-up and session singer for three years before releasing her breakout album, What’s the 411?, in 1992. Fast-forward 16 years, eight albums and 40 million records–with plenty of drugs, alcohol, heartbreak and career ups and downs in between–and Blige now stands at the height of her career.

She decided to clean up her life after R&B singer Aaliyah died in a plane crash in 2001. But it was Blige’s rousing post-9/ll performance of her hit “No More Drama” on the globally televised 2002 Grammy Awards that took her from the “Queen of Hip-Hop Soul” (a title given to Blige by her former producer/manager Sean “Diddy” Combs) to mainstream favorite. Bono and Elton John have been singing her praises and performing with her all over the world. Now she is featured in GMC television commercials and posing in the car brand’s print ads with her husband/manager…

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  1. I can tell this blog is becoming popular cause stupid ass comments are becoming the norm. How many times can someone post some stupid one word comment and expect it to pass as a real comment? I think this is just another dumbass way of doing the “first” thing.

  2. One positive word is better than lots of negative noise. Some of us write too much anyway. LOL.

    Stay strong, Mary.

  3. I wrote that nice comment as saying how nice the pictures are.

    And please don’t try to start any e-beef on a blog with me

  4. Mary is all grown up. She represents how maturity and spiritual evolution can transform an otherwise empty vessel to a dynamic human being.

  5. Gorgeous. And she does make a point about the brevity of instant stardom.

  6. Railene, R U ok girl? Does it bother you that much? C’mon let’s be positive. I have been bloggin here for a while and people don’t really do that here. I have been to MTO and I see they do it there but that site is of much lower value than this….I don’t even comment there.

    Anyway, back to blige, we all love mary but I’m tired of hearing the same story about what she went through, we know it already, I just want to hear something new from her, like future plans, kids TV anything. 😐

  7. Mary is beautiful and now she knows it.
    @ Amber the picture why??? Beatle Juice, I know his face was just too tempting! lol

  8. I think Mary should be more positive about the show. They(the contestants)are trying to make it just as she was when she was young. Someone gave her a chance, no matter how she got it, they are just trying to take their chance. If American Idol didn’t exist, the world probably wouldn’t know who Ruben, Fantasia, Kelly Clarkson, Lakeisha, Paris,Clay Aiken or the fabulous Ms. J-Hud is. I liked some of the artists on there who are not so famous, they now have an audience too. At least they got some introduction to the business.

  9. I’ve always loved Mary and have enjoyed watching her grow in her career. She is so positive now compared to the old Mary.
    She shares her struggles and victories with her fans and I cannot only respect that, but I appreciate that as well.

  10. I love Mary J. Blige and the positive messages she puts out through her music. I do understand her thoughts about the instant fame that comes with these reality shows, but I guess we have to adapt to the times. She went through struggles early in her career, whereas some of these stars will struggle through their hard times while in the lime light. A lot of them will quickly fall from grace, leaving their hardest struggles after the fame has died down.

    I just hope Mary continues to stay positive, and I wish her the best. I’ve watched her grow as an artist, and I think that’s where the connection comes from with her fans.

  11. Mary is a testament too GOD. When you let go and let GOD you come out victoruous. I am learning to this as I type. She is happy and there is nothing more beautiful than a happy woman in love. I am happy for her and wish her continous happisness.

  12. I love Mary. I own all of her CD’s and remember her from day one. Every album that this woman has put out shows how she has evolved into the woman that she is today. We can relate to her music and lyrics because some of us have been where she has been and know the pain. My all time favorite Mary music video is “Real Love.” My all time favorite Mary album is “My Life.”

    She is proof of what God can do in your life if you keep the faith and just believe.

  13. Any why is Mary sounding bitter ?You talk your money andbought drugs Mary you were not always the Mary you are now … Girl stop

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