Mary J. Covers Vibe Magazine

For their 20th Anniversary Style issue Vibe magazine has chosen Mary J. Blige as their cover girl. This will be Mary’s tenth cover, the most ever for a female artist.

According to Vibe, Mary’s transformation from around the way girl to mature woman is why she was chosen as the magazine’s style icon.

Mary credits her style evolution to simply maturing, saying “I’ve evolved. I’m a woman now, and I’ve softened. I’ve been a tomboy my whole life. But then you get older, you get married, you soften up.”

More excerpts and pics below.

Mary on when she feels most beautiful: “When I’m made up and dressed up and my heart is in the right place… [When] I feel happy. I’m not going to lie and say I feel beautiful when I have on a hair scarf and I’m running to the gym. I feel confident, but beautiful? No.”

Mary on when her husband probably thinks she is at her most beautiful: “When I’m running to the gym [laughs].”

Mary on showing off her curves for the cover of her “My Life II album: “I have never done a cover like that before. That was the first time. I don’t like to show my whole body like that. I don’t think people really care to see me that way.”

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  1. Mary’s interviews are all the same now. She doesn’t have anything new to add. I’m glad they didn’t ask about her drug use again. That story is really played out.

  2. eh. not a fan of the clothes/poses/styling. but GO MARY! she’s covered Vibe/Essence a lot of times 🙂

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