Mary J. Unveils Alternate Video

Though Mary J. Blige’s “Mr. Wrong” single features rapper Drake, when the video was released back in December the Canadian MC was conspicuously absent.

That oversight has been rectified however with the release of a second version of the video that does indeed feature the emotional heir to the Young Money throne.

Drake told AOL Music a scheduling conflict kept him from being able to appear in the original video, as he was overseas doing promotion for his “Take Care” CD.


  1. Im i the only one that thinks this song is sooo BASIC! i dig the concept but its soo boring and i feel like ive heard this a million times from MARY!

  2. Stop hating FANCY this is what the people asked for from Mary typical heartbreak song. Its funny to me that whatever Mary does peeps criticize. She makes happy song peeps criticize she makes this type song peeps criticize smh..

  3. So true Diego. I agree…hater’s always gonna hate no matter what. That’s why at the end of the day artist’s need to make the music that moves their souls and not focus on pleasing the audiences eardrums all the time. I think this is a very nice track from mary and usually I don’t really like her stuff but I think Drake brings good energy and breathes a freshness to the track that works. The only thing that could have made the song better is if Drake would have rapped a small verse in the middle of the bridge or something and not just the beginning. But good overall.

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