Mary J. Blige Designs Limited Edition Watch

Mary J. Blige Watch Mary J Blige, Eric Dane and Russell Simmons each have designed a limited edition Ernst Benz watch to benefit Chrysalis, the nonprofit association that helps men and women transition from poverty. The collection, dubbed Time for Change, will offer a numbered series of 24 watches per designer in honor of Chrysalis’ 24th anniversary. Renderings of the watches will be unveiled on May 31 at the 7th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in Los Angeles on Saturday. Fifty percent of the proceeds from each watch sold — which range from $4,000 to $22,000 — will go to Chrysalis. Several watches also will be auctioned off on eBay in June, while the remainder will hit stores in the fall.


  1. Gee what could I do with $4,000-$22,000?

    Pay off my car.

    Pay off my two credit cards.

    Put the rest in savings and start thinking about a house.

    *** I know this is for charity but damn! That’s a lot of money for a freaking watch!***

  2. Im totally with Stef on this.
    Someone needs to tell them what time it is!

  3. Mary’s watch is nice but I agree with you all. They obviously do not mean for regular folk to have these things or trhey wouldn’t have priced them so extravagantly.

  4. When is Mary going to come out with a line of wigs and weaves? You know they will sell! Anyway, I’m still waiting for her autobiography personally. She has so much to say and offer to the world. I love to hear her open up about her past, she has a fascinating story that so many black women can relate to. I would be all over a book if she ever came out with one.

  5. i mean like who the fuk is gonna pay this amount.. wiff high gas prices ..wake up mary.. you from the hood lololol .. you know better… we the fans are not gonna pay for your booze and crack lololol

  6. I agree with everyone too expensive for my budget.

  7. This has to be for the rich and famous. Paying $4 a gallon for gas is enough to ruffle my feathers. (and that`s an understatement) With the economy out of control I have to be very careful how and when I spend my DECLINING dollars….

  8. Its pretty i’ll see if i can borrow my sister’s

  9. It is a nice watch. Maybe they will come out with the limited edition knock off. I would’t mind buying the $22 version.

  10. As a watch collector I can appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty of this watch. As flo said though I wouldn’t mind a knockoff for the wife

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