Mary J Says She Is The Queen

Mary J. Blige "Queen" A new Mary J. Blige single has leaked to the net. Produced by Palow Da Don “Queen” is an uptempo jam that showcases a feistier side of Mary than many of her fans are used to. Just as he did with Keri Hilson diss track, Turnin’ Me Off, Palow seems to be using a bit of controversy to garner attention for Mary’s new project. The Queen’s aggressive lyrics and in your face beat will no doubt have many people wondering if this tune is aimed at Keyshia Cole, a singer some say is the heir apparent to MJB’s throne.

Check out a snippet of Queen below and look for Mary to hit the radio circuit in the next few weeks, ala Keri Hilson, to explain who or what the single is really about.


  1. Mary would never participate in those childish Diss especially with a younger person than her, you mistaking her for jay-z Lool

  2. Mary wouldn’t, but Palow Da Don who co-wrote this track damn sure would. It’s a rehash of the Kerry Hilson song designed to get people talking and tongues wagging. Palow is all about drama.

  3. I hate songs like that. We know who you are Mary and what you have accomplished. You don’t have to shove it down our throats or throw shade at the next sista trying to make her way in the game.

  4. Mary is experimenting with a new sound (autotune) which is what all artists should do. I’m not feeling this particular sound however or the one that leaked a few weeks ago. Both sound a bit silly and childish for a woman of Mary’s age. Mary can make better music than this if she chooses the right writers and producers and chooses classic records rather than songs that may be a hit today but will be forgotten tomorrow.

    On another note, and I hate to even mention this, but Bey fans are already claiming Queen is a rip-off of Diva.

  5. I dont like it at all and I hope this crap isnt on the new album.

  6. MJB is the queen though been in the game for 17years now. But i agree with you Winton she is experimenting with auto-tune just like other music artist in the game. But i don’t care Mary will always be my favorint soul singer. And as for polow da don i do feel as though he is steaming up some controversy. Don’t start none won’t be none. Let’s just get back to the real music that we used to have in the 70’s 80’s 90’s cause i still listen to MJB throwback albums

  7. ephany you might be right, but the way i see things if you sing it you mean it, if you don’t want to portray an image do not take part of it you know? it’s like waving a i hate black people board that someone else wrote why are you holding it if you don’t agree with the statement? So if mary sings and go along with that whack project I’m done with her

  8. Come on now – Mary is almost a forty year old woman who has been in the business for nearly eighteen years. She has given us timeless classics and in a industry where your career could be here today and gone tomorrow, her music is still relevant while she has stayed true to herself. She should not in anyway shape or form, be threatened by Keyshia Cole.

    I like Keyshia Cole’s last two CD’s, but she has a long way to go to catch up to Mary. At this rate, I really don’t see it happening.

  9. I like this track even this is a crap for someone. There are so many tracks in an album. And I really believe that Ms. Mary would give us what we want to hear.

  10. Mary is The Queen of her genre. She made it. She has reigned after nearly 20 years she’s still relevant. These other chicks can make some good ringtones, but it’s no gaurentee it will sick. I bump my old school Mary J religiously. Everytime Keri Hilson’s turnin me on or knocks you down comes on I turn it. I’m sick of KC’s trust all ready as well.

  11. @ Chey

    Thank you. Keyshia is slacking, I belive in the next couple of albums she’ll go for a more white sound.

    People need to STOP comparing Keyshia to this woman, Keyshia is not up to par. All they have in common is tattoos and Keyshia rocked blond hair at one point. Nicole richie is a blond with tats it doesn’t make her the next Mary. You have to be born in the late 90’s to think Keyshia is better or could actually be compared to Mary.

  12. Ehh..the jury is still out on this song and her new sound. Mary, can we get some real music like you used to do back in the 90’s? Let these young girls make music for radio. You get back to what you do best please.

  13. I don’t know about this one. Sounds a little childish for grown woman Mary. If this is an official song then Janet J needs to do one as well because she did it first also.

  14. Beyawnsay made Diva because she was insecure,


    LMFAOOOO young fresh talent storms the scene…


  15. Not feeling this at all! This is so not MJB! Keyshia is doing her thang! There’s enough room for all to shine!

  16. DEATH TO AUTOTUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. @ Melissa

    There is room for all to shine. I just got sick of the comparisons. they just made no damn since. Key Key is good but MJB put in her work and she is the queen.

  18. Believe me – Mary practically raised me, i’m 29, i luv her, she will always be the Queen of R&b(i don’t care what Monique say and)but she is falling off. tHis is the 2nd single i heard that sounds young, not fresh, gimmicky not original and not MARY, well the Mary i know.. She is trying to keep up with mainstream and im mad she 4got who she was.Somebody in her camp please let her know 99% of the girls(cuz they ain’t women) are not on her level, she don’t gotta resort to this.

  19. and who on earth is saying Keshia will take MAry’ spot. yes i’ve heard that they both got soul and similiar texture of voices, and i agree but all this taking spot, up next mumbo jumbo-STOP STOP STOP. tHIS IS mARY, People got no respect for icons, legends-when ur in those categories that means you are in a league of your own, there are no room 4 clones. Dag, 1st Michael now Mary. This has 2b people under 21, who neva knew the realness of music. That’s y u got this generation thinkin Soldier baby is of the likes of Jay-z

  20. OK I just really listened 2 the chorus. i just skimmed thru b4.
    “All the boys wanna please me, MJB?”

    noooo, i luv her but i;m done with her 4now, Me and Mary are on a separation basis. She is buggin out and sounding ridiculous. Im ranting but i’m mad that this game has brainwashed one of our most authentic singers. (sigh) again

  21. whats up with Mary?….I love her old music but this is not her at she insecure about the up and coming artists? wats goin on MJB?? THIS AINT YOU!

  22. Jigga says death to autotune! LOL

    That pic of Mary is GORGEOUS ๐Ÿ™‚ love the profile ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Don’t like Polow….don’t like this snippet but love Mary still…..but no for me.

  24. Hmmm.. I’m sorry I don’t like this..her voice just doesn’t seem to fit this ambiguity that is “pop music”. It’s so unimaginative and played out…

    She is soooo much better than this..
    Who has it out for REAL R&B?

  25. I wish people would stop saying that music has been “leaked,” nothing has been leaked. In the age of the Internet this is nothing more than new marketing campaigns to see how well the song will do once the CD is released. Enhanced sound or not, Iโ€™d still buy it. This will be one big reinvention for Mary and I canโ€™t wait to see what she will be rocking when she promotes the new music.

  26. MJB is just showing her skills. She can make a hit out of anything this will be a hit too! Stop all the hateration!

  27. Every body stop panicing mary does haveto try new things but I think if we just hold on mary is gonna come. With her own classic style again.she has to put out at least onw song that’s gonna get her radio play so the clones who don’t know real music will go buy it and she can introduce them to what we had back in the 90’s.q so relax … We know none of these milk on the breath youngins aint got notin on MsQueen Mary

  28. Try new things FINE but in having more experience um….you should know better. No one is panicking.

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