Mary J. Blige Hosts Concept Boutique Opening

Soul diva Mary J. Blige was on hand last night to help fashion designer Catherine Malandrino open her new concept boutique on Melrose Avenue. Mary acted as hostess for Malandrino who the singer first met some seven years ago when she presented her “Hallelujah” collection at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. Mary sang in the show and Catherine has even designed costumes for Mary’s various tours. The two women have kept up their close friendship over the years and when Malandrino decided to open The Catherine Melandrino Mansion, a boutique featuring an in house café, library, and accessories store, she called on none other than Mary to host the grand opening.

Other Brown Sistas who showed up for the opening included Sanaa Lathan and Garcelle Beauvais.


  1. All the ladies look nice and classy. I will be sooo happy when this gladiator shoe phase is over! I don’t understand why celebs have to jump on every trend that comes along. There’s nothing like a nice classic pump or peep toe or a nice strappy sandal.

    Anybody see Mary’s latest (Chevy) commercial? I LOVE it!

  2. Mary’s fur jacket or whatever that is looks amazing. Garcelle looks plain as usual. As for Sanaa, I love her, Lord knows I do. But I’ll killa dead before I see her walk outta the house looking that dowdy again. :lol2: She always dresses like a 1950s homemaker or something and her feet look like they are being swallowed whole. :thumbsdown:

  3. I love that jacket Mary is rockin’!!! She looks good in all the pics! I’ve never seen Garcelle or Sanaa look bad! :thumbsup: Yay to the classy brownsistas! :brownsista:

  4. Sanaa, GORGEOUS! She looks so pretty!
    Mary, LOVE THE WRAP! She looks good!
    Garcelle, simple elegance. Love the dress.


  5. They look Spectacular i’ ll check that boutique whenever i get the time

  6. I think Mary is a testimony of how when you start loving yourself and respecting yourself how things will just begin to change. She looks so radiant because it’s a glow that started from within.

  7. Ms. “Get Togetha”, my wife says the same thing about Mary J’s hair… my wife loves that bangs look and so do I.

  8. I’m loving that jacket on Mary, is it me or does Mary look like Monica?? Maybe it’s the haircut.

  9. Mary looks happy, healthy and blessed..she definitely took the time to heal and it shows. Not really feeling Sanaa’s outfit this time. Garcelle looks good.

  10. I love her bang too Mr smooth Mary can rock anything still You know she is one of us, unlike some :brownsista:

  11. I LOVE Mary’s look. Her hair is fabulous, the outfit is cute and classy. Just a good look overall :thumbsup: Garcelle looks fabulous as usual, I love the accent on her dress. As for Sanaa… who put that poor child in that homely looking getup? 🙁 she looks a mess and we ALL know she can do better.

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