Mary J. Blige Is Amped

Singer Mary J. Blige exclusively debuted the cover art for her upcoming “I Am” single via her own Twitter page. Mary say’s she’s amped and ready to start performing material from her upcoming “Stronger” album. The singer’s serially delayed new CD will reportedly hit record store shelves on December 22nd, after having been moved from its previous release dates of December 15th and November 24th.

Mary J. Blige I Am Single Cover


  1. why everybody wanna use i am omn the cover first alicia keys beyonce mary

  2. Love the cover..Very simple yet elegant and age appropriate for her!

  3. I AM is a popular title for albums. LOL. But I guess at some point in your career (life) you have to declare it. The words are empowering I suppose 🙂 Mary looks gorgeous as usual!

  4. ok, what’s with the “I AM” stuff? everybody and they mama has something with that in the title. originality is dead i guess

  5. She looks beautiful. I didn’t know MJB had a song out or a cd coming. I have been avoiding videos and radio to keep from being Beyoncetized that I missed it. But, I’ll pick it up. Love Mary and Alicia.

  6. I cannot take the I AM….what is that about they have been in the game too long..dare to be different!!

  7. there are alot of I Am’s that have been coming out I Am…cinfused why???

  8. Lovely Cover!

    “I AM”

    Is such a statement of empowerment!

    Affirmations often start with…”I AM!”

    People say so much negative stuff about you, whether you’re seen as the black sheep of the family or because God gave you light eyes or a plump body that you come to a point where YOU define yourself for yourself…”I Am”…helps the individual to declare who they are…also, it can be taken from the bible…

    Exodus 3:14

    “And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.”

    “I am worthy”
    “I am beautiful”
    “I am kind”
    “I am healthy”
    “I am wealthy”


    “I am tire”
    “I am fat”
    “I am ugly”
    “I am afraid”
    “I am worried”

    Words do have power!

  9. I hope it is not what the music I have heard thus far. I love Mary but that stuff was not good.

  10. Exactly cynthia. Jesus is the only “I AM” that i’m aware, so just who do this celebrities think they are when they refer to themselves as “I AM”?

  11. I love, love, love me some Mary but I’m disappointed with the title. Sounds to much like “I Am…Sasha Fierce.” Oh well, I’ll still buy it.

  12. It’s not the title of the album people just the single so it says.

  13. I am is empowerment from a bibical perspective…okay…and you think that it relates to this R & B album..Go figure

  14. Chocoalate Girl just like i am sasha fierce sounded like as i am you people are really delusional loool

  15. I am is a single the cd is called stronger…………………

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