Mary J. Blige Is Expecting

Mary J. Blige Is Expecting
According to, singer Mary J. Blige is pregnant and expecting her first child with husband, Kendu Isaacs, sometime early next year. So far I cannot find this story in English but below is a loosely translated version of what MTV Germany wrote on their website.

Finally it is grants also that of life heavily gebeutelten Queen of Hip Hop Soul to establish a family. Just now becomes well known, that Soul-superstar Mary J. Bige (36) its first child expects. Father is natural Kendu Isaac with which Mary happily is married for four years. According to reports have worked both already for a year at a baby… and BOOMING here you go! Congratulations!


  1. CONGRATS QUEEN OF HIP-HOP SOUL :bowdown: you are truly blessed with a bundle of joy (boy or girl) im happy for you and kendu issacs you two seem very sweet together.

    Respect Roylaty YALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I read on another blog that Halle B. is pregnant also. I’ll believe these rumors when I see it!


    Tia aka THE OFFICIAL STAND UP GIRL :thumbsup:

  4. How happy are we for MARY and her HUBBY! LOVE HER!!! She’s gong to be a great mom! God Bless them!!!


  5. I’m happy for her and commend her for waiting until she knew she was ready to have a child instead of getting pregnant in her twenties when she was troubled and in bad relationships. God bless Mary and her family.

  6. Goog for you Mary and congrats to your hubby.You have been in the game a long time now it’s time to settle down and raise but I cannot wait to hear you on Keyshia’s album and I can’t wait till your next album because the last was awesome.LUV U MARY

  7. I know the baby is going to be blessed having nice parents.

  8. :brownsista: Well I for one is real glad to hear of it. I believe she should have one with Kendu and I wish them both well. :dance:

  9. :bowdown: I i’m very happy for you guys Mary I’ve been a fan for long.This may be a good time for you and your husband because it was for my husband and I she is 4yrs old .I was 36 with my last child.[quote comment=”11967″]Congrats to Mary and Kendu !!![/quote]


    PEACE AND LOVE :thumbsup:

  11. Well I know there is still hope for me. God is still in the blessing business. Go girl!!!!Go Mary J !!!!

  12. This is a true Blessing. May the Great God shine upon this union and the child to be.

  13. Well now that she is settled and clean It is great the last baby God Bless her had to be taken and had no chance(back in the 90’s) But I hope shes staying on the right track 4 this one I always loved her music and prayed 4 her I wish her nothing but luck

  14. Mary….girl I am so proud of you. I can only see good things from this pregnancy. You and Kendu will be blessed with a beautiful gift from God. We will be blessed with more great music. May God continue to be an abundant presence in your life!

  15. :bowdown: Brooklyn!!! You go girl!! Mary you and Kendu truely deserve the very best. Congratulations!! :banana:

  16. you go gurl if thats what u want the go for it, god bless u will always be my number #1

  17. It is a blessing to know that they are happy and are very excited about their first baby together and I pray that they be the best parents that they can be.

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