Mary J. Blige Is No Longer Stronger

Mary J Blige Renames Her Album Stronger With Each Tear According to online reports, singer Mary J. Blige has renamed her upcoming album. Originally titled Stronger, the singer’s ninth studio album will now be called Stronger With Each Tear. No one knows as of yet what prompted the change. What we do know is that Mary’s debut single The One- which features rapper Drake- has not grown stronger in the hearts of radio programmers or fans. The song has failed to make a dent on the Pop or R n’ B chart and has since prompted the singer’s label to push the album back from its original release date of November 24th to December 22nd.

Promotion of Stronger With Each Tear goes on uninterrupted however- as Mary will for the first time live perform her next single, I Am, on the American Music Awards.


  1. All interest in this album is lost. Honestly there was very little interest in her last album and she came back too fast. If every anyone needed to take a break and get themselves together it is Mary. Her music has fallen over the last 2 years or so.

  2. Mary has consistently provided good music. She has been away from the scene for a while and her last album did pretty well. Mary has a consistent style; she has longevity in the game. She constantly re-invents herself which is what a lot of modern artists lack. She has many dimensions to her as an artist and entrepreneur. She has star power. The viewer ship of the World Series increased because this sister sang the national anthem. Maybe her marketing team is off…I do believe they should have led the way with the song Stronger because it is more regal, more Mary. Nonetheless when the DJ plays the song The One, when I am out, me and my friends are on the floor.

    Name an artist that has been out since 1992 and has been able to produce hits?

  3. Mary never had a bad cd im sure after she done with all her invents and the opening of her chariteys and etc. she gonna focus on the album material so@ Dana Mary aint gonna fail u the songs i heard so had been nice so i could imagin the album gonna b great thru…………..Just pick the album up and b the judge than……..

  4. I love Mary, but her music has been a little too trendy or something for me. I love Share my World Mary and I know she can’t stay in a box, but her latest attempts seem to appease to a younger audience when most of them are actually +30 years old.

    @Natalie, only artist I know who has had a top 10 hit every year since 1996 is BEYONCE! From Destinys Child to her Solo debut, she’s had 23 top 10 hits. 11 with Destinys Child and 12 as a solo artist. Since you asked.

  5. Not buying it. Mary gotta get it together. and

    @ LEEMA, Beyawnsay can’t take credit as a solo artist for DC success. That is group success

    She has 12 top 10 hits. That’s it.

    That’s why she’s overhyped to begin with. Undue credit she’s taken from Destiny’c Child and padding her own numbers.

  6. Bottom line they all(you now who I’m talking about) need to take a little break(2-3 years or so) they all have their own fans so when they come back they shouldn’t be scared at all.
    @THE SPAMMER(ROCKON)-But you can’t take Destiny’s Child success away from her either, she was in the group and helped maked them successful so therefore deal with it. Without Kelly there wouldn’t have been a DC, same goes with Bey and Michelle they all brought something different. So YES SHE does have 23 top ten hits.

  7. Since we read SO MUCH into chart positions, why wasn’t it mentioned that MJB had the highest debut on Billboard’s R&B chart this week? “I Am” is sitting at #46 after only a week of airplay.

  8. Black people don’t support their artists as true fans do. White people will support their favorite artist, even if it’s not their best work, not ALL, but most and is why Madonna is still on top!

    We’re a strange group of people and just don’t like each other. We wait on people to fail. It’s one thing not to buy something that doesn’t interest or appeal to you, but to wait for others to “crumble” is strange!

    Mary is soooooo respected in the industry and by her peers as well as fans, collaborate on various levels and will be around for some time to come, lower sales or not!

    I agree they all should take a break, not easy to do in these times, it’s a gutsy move!

  9. It is sad when black people tear each other down. MJB has survived drug abuse. She got out of an abusive relationship. She has survived alcoholism. She has sold millions across the world. But since “The One” didn’t make it to No. 1 on Billboard, well, I guess none of that matters anymore. People seem to love picking someone apart for every minor thing that goes wrong in their career (I’m sure Mary isn’t even sweating this like the bloggers are) instead of looking at their career as a WHOLE.

  10. Mary is the ishhh and she will alway be it. Her music is grown and sexy. I can relate to her music. Go mary.

  11. @ LEEMA read the question again…

    Name an artist that has been out since 1992 and has been able to produce hits?

    Beyonce was not out in 1992. She was in a little group called ‘girl time’ trying to come up. And why is it that everytime we have a post about another artist Beyonce’s name come’s up?

    This post is about Mary and her staying power in the game. Bottom line, if you don’t like Mary’s music don’t buy it. Yet, I think Mary displays true and raw talent that is missing from the industry. She has grown over the years and that progression shows in her lyrics. She went from girl to woman before our eyes. How can you hate on that?

    Come on, at a time when her peers Toni Braxton, Kelly Price, and Faith Evans have had trouble rebuilding their careers. Mary has been a consistent presence.

    Give her credit…DANG!!! It is over due.

  12. I believe that as a singer especially when you are veteran and released many albums, you might face the album flop sometimes. Can anyone imagine that after her `Love & Life` album, then came `The Breakthrough` album? I believe in Mary as well as Janet that the icon will always come back.

  13. I’m surprised “The One” didn’t do well b/c I love that song! I didn’t buy it b/c I’m waiting for the whole album to come out. I thought originally the album was titled “I Am”?

  14. Oh my bad, another single from her album was titled “I Am.”

  15. Beyonce will neverc b on Mary level beyonce to b so great havent even supassed Brandy an selling albums….beyonce hanent even probally sold 10 million albums yet singles yea but people buys Mary album big diffrence……………

  16. Mary is the S***. Everything she drops is always dope..I love her, she is a beautiful, strong woman. And I congrat her.. do you Mary!!

  17. If Mary has fallin off then why did she just win a Grammy for the last album Growing Pains…

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