Mary J. Blige Opens Up About Marriage Troubles


Marrying Down Ruined Mary J. Blige’s Marriage

Mary J. Blige is finally revealing what led to the demise of her 12-year marriage to manager Kendu Isaacs. In a candid interview with friend and radio host Angie Martinez, The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul essentially blames marrying down for her decision to finally seek a divorce. “Unfortunately, he was my everything and you can’t make a person your everything,” Mary explained of reaching her breaking point. “I just gave him too much but I did it so he could feel comfortable in the company of my peers, so when he comes around he can say he’s not just Mary J. Blige’s Husband.”

Isaacs’ career before he married Mary isn’t widely known. What is known, however, is that within two years of the ceremony Kendu was managing Mary’s career, businesses and racking up producer credits on her albums. Kendu also helped manage Mary’s FFAWN organization, which was accused of mismanagement after defaulting on a three million dollar loan and reportedly stiffing scholarship winners.

I addition to propping Isaacs up financially, Mary also talks about the “overwhelming disrespect” she suffered once her husband decided he no longer wanted to be with her. From nitpicking her lack of cooking skills to her looks, Mary said she eventually knew it was time to move on when the critiques started eating away at her self-esteem.

To listen to all the uncomfortable details for yourself you can check out the interview above… or just read the main highlights below.

Mary on Kendu’s treatment of her during the latter years of their marriage…

“The overwhelming disrespect. Just disrespect, you’re too familiar, you’re way too familiar and you’re disrespecting me and I know, I can sense that I’m not what you want anymore. Because now you start throwing questions around like “ok why you don’t cook?” I haven’t been cooking. “Why you don’t wear your hair like that?” I never wore my hair like this before what’s up with you? You know, so you start to realize that this man doesn’t want you and he’s just gone all the time and you’re by yourself in the relationship. You realize you’re just by yourself in the relationship and you’re just suffering through it.”

Mary on Kendu’s spousal support demands…

“I don’t owe you anything. This is very mean to just keep sitting on this and demanding this type of money and taking me through all this sh*t. I can’t believe you’re trying to stick me up and no disrespect to his family at all, you know, but I’m not responsible for you. I don’t have any children with you. I’m not responsible for anything else with you anymore.”

Mary on touring to cope with the trauma of her failing marriage…

“I mean, Angie, I needed that. I needed to be somewhere other than home thinking about all of this foolishness. You know, these lawyers and this and that and, you know just all the stupidity. I needed to be somewhere where I can vent and express myself and use my music as my own therapy you know, and get some energy back from the fans.”

Mary on being in a happier place despite her pending divorce…

“I’m glad, I’m happy, unfortunately in this situation my fans will be happy, they’re gonna be happy anyway but you know but it’s healing time. And a lot of us want to get through some stuff that we don’t want to tell nobody about. But I’mma tell. This is what I’m here for.”


  1. Dead at the title of this article. I think we all saw this coming. It is very common in the entertainment industry. Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts married bums. Men can’t take it when women make more them and often try to insert themselves in their wife’s careers, usually as a manager. Suzanne Somers husband was responsible for convincing her she was the star on Three’s Company. She was eventually fired. They are still married but Suzanne’s career never recovered. She ended up in Vegas and selling thigh masters. I think Fantasia’s husband is the same way. What does he do for a living? Ladies have to protect their necks like these rich men. They have prenups and Mary should have had the same. Men don’t let love blind them and neither should women.

  2. Wow…….this is very disturbing! I knew something about her soon to be ex husband was all smoke and mirrors. He’s trifling and she deserves better. I want for her to take this ordeal and use it to push forward and enlighten people. It’s messed up how he just kept disrespecting her! I love this chick so much and she’s the definition of a survivor. I will get her new material when it releases.

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