Mary J. Blige On The Cover Of Essence

Mary J Blige | Kendu Issacs Essence magazine is paying tribute to Mary J. Blige in their June issue by dedicating an unprecedented 10 pages to the singer and releasing two different covers for this collector’s edition of the magazine. Using the movie Mahogany as their inspiration, Essence put together a stunning photo shoot with Mary and her husband Kendu Issacs, who has graced the cover with Mary twice before. Not to be out done, VH-1 has also jumped on the I Love Mary J. bandwagon and will be paying tribute to the singer and soul music in general, during Black Music Month. You will be able to hear from the Queen of Hip-hop Soul herself as she shares the intimate inspirations for her music. The six-part documentary chronicles the evolution and ascent of soul music, taking fans through gospel, Motown, funk and closing with “From Ghetto to Fabulous,” which features Mary’s contributions to the genre.

To see high quality scans of the images from this issue, click here to be taken to Mary Luvs, the largest Mary J. Blige fan site online.

To see previous covers of Mary on Essence magazine, click the pages below.


  1. I love your write up of this story on Mary’s cover. Most sites just post pics which after a while can get pretty old and boring. Your analysis of each cover was well done also. Keep up the good work. Love the site even though I don’t get to post as much as I used to.

  2. You are taking a sista back with the Veronica Webb incident. Was the net hot back then? I wasn’t online but I remember Mary was mad as hell and Veronica really put her on blast. I wonder did they ever make up?

  3. Has anyone ever been on the cover of Essence more times than Mary? I have been reading the magazine for at least 20 years and I don’t recall anyone having this many covers.

    She looks good and the pic with Kendu is the best I have ever seen him look. Glad to see Mary happy and finally getting what she deserves out of life :thumbsup:

  4. Beautiful images, but I agree with Josie. How many times is she going to cover this magazine? This makes for like the 4/5th time in three years!

  5. When a magazine puts someone on their cover often it is a sign that the magazine sells well when that person is featured. This obviously is the case with Mary or they wouldn’t have had her on so many times. I don’t think it’s too many times. She gets a cover at least once a year or every 2 or 3 years. That sounds about average to me.

  6. I loved the April 1999 and September 2005 covers of Mary. She is beautiful and fabulous. I’ll have to go out and pick up a copy of this special collector’s edition!

  7. Yes! Yes! Yes!! I’m sorry, ya’ll. I’m a stan! :dance2:

  8. I have this magazine and the last one with her on the cover. I like this one better because she looked too airbrushed on the last one.

  9. I went to Google “MJB and Veronica Webb” and found an article from Interview magazine in 1995(right one?)–Goodness Mary was hostile! Her changed heart is a testimony.

  10. Mary has been doing it for as long as anybody. This a great site and where did you find these things…? :dance1: I do miss the days when Michael was a little less crazy.

  11. [quote comment=”7123″]I went to Google “MJB and Veronica Webb” and found an article from Interview magazine in 1995(right one?)–Goodness Mary was hostile! Her changed heart is a testimony.[/quote]

    I forgot all about that!!! I just googled it too and Mary was 24 back then with all that mouth lol. Cursing more than Andrew Dice Clay!!! But Mary has been through so much and she has come a long way. That’s why so many love her b/c she is real she’s not all poppy and happy go lucky all the time she shows that she has feelings and she will tell you where to go in a minute!!! LOVE YOU MARY!

  12. oh mary is just beautiful in that cover!!! and kendu HOT!!! she deserves more covers!!
    by the way love ur blogs look!!

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