Mary J. Blige Preps ‘Strength of a Woman’ Documentary


First Look: ‘Strength of a Woman’ Documentary

Another day, another artist forced to release a documentary to sell music that is otherwise uninspiring and lackluster. I hate to be a Negative Nelly, but remember when all it took to make you love or hate a song was listening to it? Remember when music used to capture your imagination and take you places? I do, and that’s why this documentary bandwagon artists have jumped on annoys me. Good music doesn’t require explanation. I don’t need to know what you felt while you were writing the song. I don’t need to see the pen and paper you wrote the lyrics on. I just need good music… sans the unnecessary and ineffectual hype.

Now, having said that, Mary J. Blige, an artist I totally love and support, is prepping to release a documentary in support of her upcoming Strength of a Woman album, due out this Friday, April 28th. The feature will air May 2nd via VH1 and can be previewed below.

Strength of a Woman is Mary’s thirteenth solo album and will reportedly chronicle the singer’s tumultuous marriage to husbanger Kendu Isaacs. The pair separated last year and are presently in court duking it out over Mary’s money.


  1. It’s the Lemonade effect. Lousy music obscured by visuals and storytelling.

  2. I understand the post itself from the blogger’s perspective. I do think it’s important to let these artist be creative without having us getting a documentary on how the material went in the direction the way it did. But right now as of today’s climate of records it’s another ball game. These artists have to market their records somehow but I always thought Mary J. Blige as an artist had the ability to maintain her solid fanbase. I’ve been a supporter since day one. It’s frustrating how today’s general public don’t appreciate these artist such as Mary J. Blige and another handful I can name that actually put out meaningful records with substance. It’s oversaturated with this garbage on airplay. I think this new material from Mary J. Blige will be solid. I doubt she would limit her artistry just to appease to the younger crowd. I’m not putting it down but I absolutely think there needs to be a revamp in marketing for these artists to make sure their records are being promoted. She already has accomplished so much and I’m just here for the new material. I’ll definitely get it this week.

  3. The problem with music today isn’t really the artists. Most singers don’t write and produce their own music. There have always been people to do that like Babyface, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Bernard Edwards and Nile Rogers, Holland, Dozier and Holland and the list goes on. They created music that impacted generations. Today’s producers are beat makers and samplers. They steal from other artists and put little to no effort behind creating songs that will stand the test of time. This leaves many artists in a lurch. Mary doesn’t have a Babyface to craft her a hit today. Name a consistently hot songwriter or producer out right now? I can’t name one.

    Because the music is so subpar artists are having to find more creative ways to entice the public to support them. This is where branding has come into play. People are buying brands now. Beyonce is a brand. Lemonade the album from what I have heard (even from some of her own fans) was not very good. When people mention liking Lemonade it’s the documentary that touched them. I have only heard two songs from the album. Radio didn’t touch anything besides Hold Up. Few people mention her music anymore. She is an image. She is a brand. She is selling Beyonce, not music. Other artists are late to this strategy and playing catch up. It hasn’t worked for most and won’t work for Mary because she isn’t a brands artist. People want good music from her not pretty visuals.

  4. @JBL
    This is really informative. Mary J. Blige’s team needs to promote her new material. I want this record to get the shine it deserves. And yes! The climate has really watered down. Those artists you mentioned actually had the substance to craft their own records. There’s only a handful of artist that have the ability to craft unique records with substance.

  5. The documentary plus new music release style seems more old school than right now. I still remember Behind the Scenes/ Access Granted [in the studio] shows where they sometimes showcased the writing, recording, and the filming process for a new record. Then, it seemed to evolve into a reality show plus new music process.

    It’s not necessarily a negative thing. There are many fans who still wish for artists to be even more open about the whole process because the want to know every detail and back story like a fly on the wall. It’s not about the documentary being a crutch for mediocre music. It’s actually the opposite like studying up every detail on an art piece plus artist you enjoy; therefore, the more information you have the better. Very satisfying.

    In the past, I enjoyed watching The Making / Behind the scenes of several releases from various artists like MJ’s Thriller video, Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child, and so on. If you’re really into the record, it’s a very fun activity. On the other hand, you’d probably skip it if you’re not feeling the work, and move on to the records that you do love.

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