Singer Mary J. Blige Releases LZ Covers

The newly released British version of Mary J. Blige’s “Stronger with Each Tear” album features a couple of cover songs that aren’t on the U.S. edition. The two tracks, both Led Zeppelin originals released in the late 60s and early 70s, are “Stairway to Heaven” and “Whole Lotta Love.” When asked about the songs, Mary told MTV News she’s been a longtime Zeppelin fan and wanted to pay tribute to the band. “I’ve listened to their music since I was a child, and it’s always moved me,” she said.

Click the links below to stream both singles on You Tube.

Whole Lotta Love
Stairway To Heaven


  1. I too used to listen to some Led Zepplin I wasn’t a big fan though she put her Mary flavor on it.

  2. I think it is time for her to take a break as well. I love Mary and will forever be a fan but I think we need to miss her as well.

  3. Yep, you are right BEE. Mary is just coming out with albums too close together and the quality of her music is suffering. She needs a good 3 year break.

  4. I love Mary J. She is a great singer, but i think that when it is in your blood and you have that fire you can’t take a break. i always remember what a football player said back in the 80’s and that is that you don’t know how long your popularity is going to last so take the ride for as long as you are hot and take a break when the intensity dies down. I wish her the best.

  5. surabi, i agree today’s fan is so fickle celebrities who take 6 month breaks are nearly forgotten. they have to strike while the iron’s hot and have no regrets.

  6. I don’t think Mary needs a break. I am enjoying this album.

  7. I say If GOD blesses you with a successful career keep moving foward…that Is the problem with the world today we let society put expectations on us and what we need to do when really GOD has a future for us all he gives us the”TALENT” to use our ”TALENT” to it’s full potiential….the Sky Is the limit we are all put on earth for a reason…and the Lord knows that reason! :bowdown:

  8. Mary is like Aretha or Patti her fan base is not going anywhere. It’s like when she took that break and came out with be without you and family affair. Even the break she took between her 1st and 2nd album. Now they are coming out back to back and they are starting to sound just alike is all I am saying. But her fan base aint going nowhere.

  9. No the problem with Our Entertainment world today is that people convinced themselves that throat shoving is the way to go, They are over worked, and the Quality of their material Suffer, Yet there is always a few half brained convincing them that they need to “Do them” because everyone else is a “Hater”,I was always a huge Mary fan, After all she’s been through she deserves success beyond recognition and she has it, Keep making good music is all we ask, What the hell was “The one” about? Too much of your favorite food can make you throw the hell up and sick, They all need a BREAK, look at Monica, Gone 4 years and still selling… Sit down for a minute your real fans are not going anywhere…

  10. welp. for some reason, even though i love her…something happened on this last album. sorry! i mean i wasn’t used to it. the beats were overpowering. words are still great though. stay? or take a break? either way. we’re not going anywhere. :bowdown:

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