New Music From Mary J.

Check out this new track from singer Mary J. Blige. “Said & Done” will be featured on the Queen of Hip Hop Soul’s upcoming “Stronger” album and is said to be produced by Ryan Leslie.

Mary J Blige Said And Done

Click the image above to give it a listen (Z-Share).


  1. As people would say about Beyonce…why don’t she go somewhere and have some kids….not being mean.

  2. lol @ myshel

    but they still have things they wanna accomplish in life and when you have a child you have to put all that aside and have a main respnsibility, also when your at a great point in your career why would you go have kids because people tell you to?????

  3. Love some Ryan….his self titled album is banging.

    In the last few singles of hers that have leaked online I LOVE THIS….this joint rocks. This could DEF be a hit.

  4. Hey 17150918

    You are right. I just think Mary would be an exceptional mother in birth or adoption. A hiatus would not hurt her reputation she appears to be in a very healthy relationship and her fan base seems to be concrete!

  5. Myshel & 17150918,
    In case you don’t know, MJB is already a mother through marriage. Maybe she’s not ready to have biological children, or she doesn’t want to because she’s well satisfied.
    I love this haircut on her.

  6. On the music front, “Said & Done” has a nice flow. I like the harmonies, and the lyrics are true. Everyone makes mistake, so love will be tested. Love should withstand, however, when it’s all said & done.

  7. the name kinda reminds me of ” all is said and done” from the best man. ( b killed it) jus wanted to throw that in there lol.

  8. @snijanafleur
    I knew kendu had children and one of them is grown i believe she’s tryna to be a singer or a rapper one of them.

  9. I wish people would stop demanding women use their uterus for their satisfaction…lol

    I like this joint, but Mary rarely disappoints!

  10. Hotness!!!! Mary is the truly the best that’s ever done it! Much Love and Respect to the Queen!!!

  11. Dame Tee. This post is not about Beyonce…Its about Mary…Why are u on Beyonce Tip when she is not even thinking about u?

  12. I love how ppl say they are going to buy something whether it’s of good quality or not just to make a rich person richer. I only buy music after hearing at least 4 great songs from an album. Last album I brought was Vanessa Williams, The Real Thing. How come ya’ll don’t post about her?

    @Tee, SMH. You know you love Beyonce. LOL

  13. Oh, and the song is ok. Can’t dl it cuz zshare acts stupid with me. Def. better than The One.

  14. The songs o.k. I’m just looking for something new and different from her. I also want to hear something with more heart and soul.

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