Mary J. Blige: Strength of a Woman Video


First Look: Strength of a Woman Video

Singer Mary J. Blige employed a bit of eclectic promotion for the premiere of her Strength of a Woman video over the weekend. In a collaboration absolutely no one saw coming, Mary teamed up with TNT to feature the women of their new series Claws prominently throughout the visual.

Claws premiered Sunday night and stars actress Niecy Nash as a no-nonsense salon owner who protects her employees and clients from some of their neighborhood’s more unsavory characters.

“The inspiration for ‘Strength of a Woman’ came from my life,” Mary told fans via Instagram. “It came from some very heavy trials and hardships through my life that I had to come through. There are a lot of similar themes in the show Claws. They’re in some heavy, sticky, nasty situations but that is what survival is about.”

As I’m sure most of you already know, Mary is in the middle of a very nasty divorce from her husband of 12-years, Kendu Isaacs. She was recently ordered to pay her soon-to-be-ex $30,000 a month in temporary spousal support.

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  1. Look at Roller. Ol’ lowdown, dirty, son of a gun. LOL.

    LOVE Claws. I’m hooked. All the ladies are killing it! Love this song/video highlighting women’s friendship, struggles, survival, all of that. Girl Power.

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