Mary J. Blige Talks Oscar Snub

Singer Mary J. Blige, whose single “The Living Proof” was nominated for a Golden Globe in the Best Song category, will not be repeating the same fete at this year’s Academy Awards.

As many of you have no doubt heard, Oscar nominations were announced today and Mary’s name was not listed in the Best Original Song category.

Mary was considered a shoe in seeing as how her song was specifically written for “The Help,” which walked away with four nominations and has been considered a front runner for picture of the year.

Mary took to Twitter to voice her displeasure with the nominations process, wondering why the Academy would only nominate two songs out of a possible five.

“I’m so thankful for true fans like you all. It saddens me & feels like the Academy is being mean. 2 only nominate 2 of the 5 slots is…

Whatever else the singer may have been thinking she kept to herself and instead retweeted supportive comments made by her fans, many who thought the omission might be racially motivated.

On the flip side, I am sure singer/songwriter Siedah Garrett has no complaints today. The industry veteran did get a Best Original Song nomination for “Real in Rio,” the theme song from the animated movie Rio.

Garrett was last nominated in 2007 for her “Dreamgirls” single “Love You I Do.”

Don’t know who Siedah is? You better ask somebody. Her resume is impeccable.


  1. Indeed, Siedah’s resume is ridiculously impeccable!

    As to Mary’s distress, I feel for her but only to a certain extent. The Golden Globes ARE NOT ALWAYS a determiner that Oscar will bless you with a nod. Just ask Albert Brooks, Ryan Gosling and Michael Fassbender. The GG’s give “some” direction, but with Oscar it’s a crap-shoot as to whether you’re in or out.

    Mary should be proud that she was at least recognized on the scale of the GG’s and I’m sure she is, but I would implore her NOT to stress so much over Oscar. It’s a political selection that doesn’t always award the artistry of an actor (see examples above). Congrats to Viola and Octavia on their nods.

  2. As long as your still standing after 15 yrs in the game Mary, who needs an oscar. You ain’t going anywhere and thats fine with us. If they would rather give an award to someone who plays a part than someone who lived it then F em.

  3. I did not put this in my post but I think it is all ego for Mary. She just wants to be able to add Oscar nominee/winner to her resume.

  4. Ego, validation, ego, I can see that too, Sista.But if she keeps penning songs for movies, she’ll have another opportunity to be nominated, maybe.

  5. If everyone were like me, oscars wouldn’t mean a damn thing. Kate Winslet is the best actress in the world but was nominated 5 times before winning. Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, A. Jolie, etc all won before her. You can have ONE great role and win an oscar, it doesn’t determine what you really are as an artist. Look at Sandra Bullock. For years she made romantic comedies and just for that year, she switches up, now everybody thinks she is a GREAT actress. Mary J is a good artist regardless.

  6. “I cannot abide by the judgment of other people, because if you accept it when they say you deserve an award, then you have to accept it when they say you don’t.” – Woody Allen on the Academy Awards…

  7. YES @ that Woody Allen comment. Thats exactly how I feel. Thats one thing I have always admired about Janet Jackson, getting awards really doesnt faze her. She has tons of awards and I really dont think that she cares.

  8. Thanks, Kanyade. What Woody Allen said.

    It’s a slippery slope those award shows are. At the same time, I always shrug off those so-called “snubs.” After all, every day people — teachers, doctors, lawyers, business people, homemakers — none of us get awarded for any of our great work like these people do. And of course, every one likes awards and accolades, though — it’s human nature. And I get that music and singing is MJB’s passion and love language, but complaining about not getting nominated for singing a song…. come on.

  9. It was curious that they only had two nominees??? I think they wanted to snub Madonna and Elton after their GG media spat and threw Mary in the mix to distract away from their mission…but, this is the academy that votes for films they haven’t previewed, freely gave song of the year to a pimp anthem and overlook some of the best actors and actresses as a spectator sport. She’ll get one in the future as the planets line up for a another celebrated film and Mary gets to pen the original song!

    I hope Rio, Siedah Garrett wins…she’s awesome!!!

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