Mary J. Blige To Play Nina Simone In Biopic

According to industry reports, singer Mary J. Blige has officially signed on to the play the role of Nina Simone in “Nina,” a biopic about the singer’s life. The script, written and directed by Cynthia Mort, will reportedly revolve around Simone’s relationship with her assistant Clifton Henderson, who will be played by David Oyelowo. For those of you not in the know about Nina Simone, the songstress was nicknamed the the “High Priestess of Soul” and is probably best known for her hits “My Baby Just Cares For Me” and “I Put A Spell On You.”


  1. I have been literally hearing this for the last 3 years just about. Is this truly offical now? was she going through training or something?

  2. Mary…you betta do this part right, lady.

    Nina Simone is a fuggin’ expatriated national treasure! 😆 No seriously, her life story, her music, I am enraptured. Please Hollyweird, do this film proper-like, mmmkay?

  3. Mary J.Blige cannot act. Have you of you ever seen her act before? It is hard to watch. Why not hire a real actress? The acting should be first and the singing second. Most movie biopics have the actors lip synch to the music of the real artist. I don’t want to see this because I know MJB cannot pull it off.

  4. I think she can pull it off. I rather see her then someone else B hint hint lol.

  5. Yes I co-sign Ms.Lady^ thank God it wont be her trying again!
    I can not wait luv MJB she deserves a real role.

  6. I’ve never seen Mary act so I won’t say anything until I see the movie for MYSELF, then I will give an UNBIASED review, unlike many people do with a certain women.

  7. With so many actresses from Broadway who have the experience and training to pick from, no director chose a big name because you know tickets have to sell, smh

  8. About 5 years ago or so I saw a play based on Nina Simone life and I remember saying that if this was made into a movie the only one I could see doing a role such as that was Mary at the time. And think she will do great in this role.

  9. @Gwen you apparently didn’t see I can do bad by myself because she did extremely well in that movie.

  10. Can mary pull this off? I don’t know about her acting skills to be honest… Still so glad hollywood is showing the late great Nina Simone some luv…

  11. I love, love, love, love Mary. BUT, is the only way a black woman can get a role in Hollywood is to be a singer? Mary was just okay in “I Can Do Bad..” Alicia Keys is playing Lena Horne. Beyonce did Etta James NO justice in “Cadillac Records.” I What about the sistas who are trained actors? And Mary J looks NOTHING like Nina Simone. Viola Davis would have been a better pick.

  12. Now this one role that I think may work out thought I do not know about Mary J’s acting capabilities.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  13. Mary can’t act. But I still wish her the best and hope she don’t mess it up.

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