Mary J. Blige Wins Big

It is truly amazing to see the growth of Mary J. Blige.Ten years ago when she was on stage screaming and cursing folks out, I would have never guessed she would be where she is today.Watching Mary pick up 9 Billboard Awards for her album “The Breakthrough”, which sold over 750,000 copies in it’s debut week was truly an amazing event.Mary picked up awards for R&B/Hip-Hop Artist Of The Year, Female R&B Artist Of The Year, R&B/Hip-Hop album Of The Year, R&B Song Of The Year, as well as Hot 100 Airplay Song Of The Year.Don’t expect Mary’s winning streak to end anytime soon as The Grammys are up next and Mary is sure to win a number of awards there as well.You can view a few pics of Mary below with her many BMA trophies and don’t forget to check out Mary’s picture page on
Mary J. Blige @ The 2006 Billboard AwardsMary J. Blige @ The 2006 Billboard AwardsMary J. Blige @ The 2006 Billboard AwardsMary J. Blige


  1. Mary is a rare artist.She is actually at her peak in her career, some 15 years after she first hit the scene.She has had hit albums and flops and yet she just keeps on going which is a sign of a true artist.She will definitely end up like Aretha.She’ll still be recording when she is 60.Many blessings to Mary.

  2. Mary’s performance was a little off during the show but I still loved it and she deserved every one of her statuettes.Anyone know where Faith Evans is right now? We need more soul divas like her and Mary.

  3. Mary is gonna get nominated for the big awards at the Grammys too and I don’t see anyone who can possibly beat her.It was Mary’s year and she deserves to walk away with it all.What other female artist made a dent in the charts this year except Rihanna but that was only a small dent.Mary’s time to really shine has finally come. :banana:

  4. People can relate to Mary and when she sings her heart out she can make you believe every word. I love her to death because some people just sing lyrics, but I you can tell she means it.:thumbsup: I LOVER HER!!!!!!!!!

  5. I hear Mary’s new cd will sell like 135-150,000 in it’s first week.Her fans are upset but this is typical of greatest hits albums and Mary has never been a big pop star so they should not expect her to repeat the success of her last cd.Even I still can’t believe she sold 750,000 in the first week.It was a fluke if you ask me.Still I love Mary though and wish her the best.:thumbsup:

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