Mary J. Secures New Movie Role

While doing a bit of promotion for her latest movie “Rock of Ages,” due out June 15th, singer Mary J. Blige revealed that she has already secured her next starring role.

In a bit of casting news that will surely raise eyebrows, Mary has been chosen to play Dr. Betty Shabazz, Malcolm X’s widow, in the upcoming TV movie “Parallel Lives.”

In related news, Rihanna has been cast to play Coretta Scott King.

HaHa… just kidding about the Rihanna part.

But you have to admit, Mary being cast to play Betty is just as ludicrous.

Now, I love me some Mary the singer. But Mary the actress is questionable and has been since “Prison Song,” her first starring role back in 2001, opposite Q-Tip.

This is just another instance where Hollywood looks past quality black actresses and instead chooses singers to play roles they clearly cannot pull off, hoping to have a built audience.

My opinion aside, Mary says she’s taking the role very seriously and is putting in work, studying Betty’s mannerisms and watching old interviews of her online.


  1. Sista I agree with everytying you said 100%. You scared me with the Rihanna part, soon as I read that I nursed my temples. Phew!!

  2. to side with both views of wether an actress should sing or a singer should act..

    back when entertainment was quality, you had to be able to sing, act and dance!

    so dont hate the crossing overs,,,

    BUT if you cant do all 3…then DONT!!!


  3. I don’t hate the cross overs, I just hate it when they can’t act.

  4. This is soooooo ridiculous. I can not believe that they are going to cast her in this role.

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