New Music: “Feel Inside” by Mary J.

Remember that special brand of magic rapper Nicki Minaj added to Keyshia Cole’s “Calling All Hearts” lead off single “I Ain’t Thru?” *sarcasm* Well she’s about to do the same thing for “Feel Inside,” the debut single from Mary J. Blige’s upcoming “My Life II: The Journey Continues” album.

As much as I hate to say it, I think both Keyshia and Mary have tried to ride Nicki’s coattails to the top of the charts and neither has done a very good job.

Keyshia’s “I Ain’t Thru” was one of the most lackluster singles of 2010 and Mary is clearly aiming to hold that title in 2011.

“Feel Inside” is one of the worst singles I have heard in a long time and Minaj’s lack of actual musical talent only adds to disaster.

This track is bad and that ain’t good. Mary can do so much better if she just takes her time and stops trying to rush out albums every two years.

Give the track a listen below and let us know what you think.


  1. The song is awful and Nicki’s filthy mouth should be washed out with soap. I heard her call herself a musician and I just thought WTH. She has zero talent and screws up every song she is on. She makes music for dumb 13 year olds. I have no idea why people are lining up to work with someone so mediocre.

    As for Mary, the industry and the public wants something new and she isn’t providing it. Same ole Mary, same ole songs. Neither Mary nor her music is interesting anymore.

  2. This song sounds like it was thrown together in a session or two. It is a filler. I hope Mary isn’t crazy enough to release this as a first, second or third song.

  3. Keyshia Cole Ft. LilKim – Let It Go – SUCCESS
    Keyshia Cole Ft. Nicki CopyCat Minaj – I Am Thru..Sorry I Meant Aint Thru…#MEGAFLOP !
    Mary J. Bliqe Ft LilKim- I Can Love Yuh…#SUCCESS
    Mary J Bliqe Ft Nicki CopyCat Minaj – Feel Inside…#INFINITEFLOP.!

  4. I am a major MJB fan. I just want to know if Lil Kim is going to come Mary J. Blige’s neck. Lil Kim seem to think every time, Nicki says some negative, it’s towards her. Kim needs to act like an adult instead of a child.

  5. @DALLAS: if you’re older than 20 and you listen to REAL rap music (which i doubt), you know what a subliminal shot is. kim wasn’t tripping. this i ain’t thru track was definitely for mary & kim. actually nicki and keyshia never denied it.

    that being said, this song is wack. it seems like all the good artists are so desperate that they will d*ckride every new gimmick that can get them some cash. first, eminem & now mary j. who’s next? jenifer hudson? smh…

  6. I love that wu-tang beat in the background. She could of left Nicki Minaj off the track though

  7. @Dallas you are clearly mentally challenged, NICKI IS DISSING LIL KIM.. what female rapper is from brooklyn, she also said something similar in her disgusting Romans Revenge diss track to kim. shes been dissing kim in her songs since the dawn of time, she wants to be Lil Kim so bad hence the reason why shes collaborating with everyone she has. and copying her style , lyrics e.t.c

  8. I really hope Mary or someone in her camp reads this blogs. I think it is safe to say she has a lot of fans on here. Mary please re-think this single. This is a filler not a lead off single. You are better than this.

  9. Ladie blanco: You are on to something, I’m disappointed because i never thought Mary would play the association game just for popularity, i mean Nikki sucks, she’s successful because America is full of insecure teenager looking for anything(one) as a role model, But really in an actually responsible and elevated society, Nikki? Really? As a matter of fact if it wasn’t for young and easily impressionable teenagers, most of these female so called artist would have no choice but to put out actual music (I dare you to ask me who), But anyway back to Lady blanco, Lil Kim is an actual rapper with a sick flow, over-sexual? Yes Insecure? hell yes, but she could spit something serious, Nikki is using that annoying Lil Wayne flow and it’s getting old, plus the voices? really? what kind of challenged person listen to this? Anyway the song is Bad.

    @Dallas “I’ll have all these rap bitches for lunch” that was Nikki Minaj , since she started she’s been dissing female rappers, Lil Kim is the only one immature (read REAL ) enough to respond to her, but Nikki STARTED that ish, with her non-nothing knowing self.

  10. I dunno Mary….I like the music, but this aint the Mary I am use to. She shoulve gotten Kim on this!!!! smh

  11. stop u will never be kim knock it the fuck off ur wack mary am gonna give u a pass!!!!!think about what u putting out there!!!!!dont rush take ur time thats when ur shit is hot!!!!!

  12. I hate this song. What was the purpose of Nicki being on this??? It wasn’t!!! I love MJB music, but this honestly sucks.

  13. confirmed this is not a real song a mash up of 2 different studio sessions so there you have it…..This is not a Mary J single

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