Mary J. Cancels Grammy Performance

As hard as it is to believe, singer Mary J. Blige, according to BV Newswire, has canceled her Grammy performance, which included a duet with Aretha Franklin, to instead focus on other live performances that will help promote her new single, “Hurt Again”. Mary’s rep confirmed that the singer will instead be performing a slew of other television shows that include Rachel Ray, Jimmy Kimmel Live and two appearances on ABC’s One Life To Live.
And to cap off the month, ‘VH1 Storytellers: Mary J. Blige’ will premiere Feb. 25 a 8 p.m. ET/PT. Taped in front of a live studio audience at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom last month, the hour long show will feature Blige performing songs from ‘Growing Pains’ in addition to past hits. Following in the ‘Storytellers’ format, viewers will get a unique opportunity to hear the inspiration and stories behind each song. No word on a tour yet, but something tells me that she – as one of the most engaging live performers of her generation – will have something jumping off in the very near future.


  1. …but why? I don’t understand. The Grammys is huge, it’s great exposure. I don’t think 10 Rachel Ray shows could do as much for her as a Grammy Performance with Aretha Franklin, what are they thinking? These kind of things make me want to just kick an office door open or flip a desk over. (Humor intended and implied)

    The new VH1 show sounds good and all, but that does not make up for this Grammy skip-out at all!

  2. Oh, I cannot believe that it was Mary’s decision to cancel an opportunity to sing with Ms. Aretha. Mary’s says that the Queen of Soul is her idol and inspiration. And yes after all of the problems with the writers strike, the Grammy’s will probably get a much larger audience this year. So one really did drop the ball on this one. Perhaps the decision was made before the knew for sure the show would go on.
    I wonder how Ms Franklin feels about the cancelation. hmmmmmmmm

  3. Maybe she just wasn’t feeling well or she knew better than to get on stage w/ Aretha & The Clark Sisters

  4. I know you got this from Black Voices but I find it hard to believe. Nobody cuts out on the Grammys. Every singer wants to perform at the Grammys. This is weird. None of those show above will give Mary the audience that the Grammys will.

  5. i agree with mary’s decision. rapper/singer make sure money in movies and televisions and some of the most powerful people are writer/producers. so if you feel at all like it might insult someone, back off. also, aretha has been known to be a little difficult to work with and for someone proclaiming no more drama. maybe aretha is a little too much drama for them. lastly, mary doesn’t need the grammy’s to sell records. women love mary. black, white, etc….

  6. COme on now Mary – you gonna let the ultimate Soul Diva down and not do the Grammy’s – I was soooooooooooo looking forward to that performance.

  7. well thats sad but the show will go though. mary’s smart. her record will do just fine either way. i’ll watch the grammys though. i sadly have nothing else to do.
    peace though,
    la d!

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