Mary J. Fights Depression

Mary J. Blige has teamed up with MTV-U, MTV’s 24 hour university station, to host a show that deals with depression and suicide prevention in college students. MTV, along with the JED Foundation have re-launched Half Of, a website where various people in the public spotlight speak candidly about their own struggles with depression and suicide. Mary, along with Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and Max Bemis of Say Anything also share their struggles.

And in more uplifting news, while taking in the third season premiere of Entourage, Mary took time to let the press know that she will once again be hitting the touring circuit this year. Check her and husband Kendu Isaacs out below and look for Mary to hit the road again in late summer.


  1. :thumbsup: I love Mary’s outfit. The shoes are kinda questionable but overall she looks so great.This is something I would wear in a heart beat.Very casual yet very cute.

  2. Pete Wentz is so damn hot to me…for a white boy. :mrgreen: I don’t know ‘why’ though..he just ‘is’. 🙂

  3. I have so much respect for Mary J Blige – She loves herself, her family and her community. She is a role model for all women.

    And she has such a sense of style and an eye for fashion!

  4. im so glad that celebs arent afraid to admit to their struggles with depression. i struggled with depression/anxiety disorder myself and its comforting when people you admire and whose music you listen to in order to make it through the tough times, are willing to open up about what theyve gone through and how they prevailed. much respect to mary & everyone involved!

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