Mary J. Representing Carol’s Daughter

Mary J Blige showed up at Sephora again to sign autographs and of course support the Carol’s Daughter line of skincare and haircare products.I know many would have expected Mary to show up all glammed out, but I actually like this clean cut look on her.Jeans, a t-shirt and minimal make-up is definitely the way more artists should go.
Mary At SephoraMary At SephoraMary At Sephora
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  1. I think fans expect more when they come out to see a celebrity.Mary could have pulled herself together a lil bit more than that.She look a lil tore up in the face to me.I saw other pics of her without the shades and she had bags and dark circles under her eyes.Fans really do expect better than what she gave them.Is it too much to ask that you look good while promoting a skincare line?

  2. Right on.Folks wanna see a lil glam on their idols and ain’t nothing wrong with that.Mary is repping a beauty line, the lest she could do is show up looking beautiful.She’s a little too minimal for me.That gold toofes needs to go too. 😆

  3. She don’t have to be “glam”, so to speak, but some photo-ready makeup wouldn’t have been a bad idea.

  4. Mary sho nuff on the real needed a lil foundation.She looked just as bad a few weeks ago when she signed autographs at another Sephora store.If I was Lisa Prince I would take Mary aside and talk to her.Doesn’t she know how to represent a cosmetics company?

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