Mary J. Blige Talks Album Details

Mary J. Blige isn’t about to relinquish her “Queen of Hip-Hop Soul” title without a fight. Looking to return to the top of the R & B charts where she once reigned supreme, the 40 year old singer is enlisting the help of some of the biggest names in music today.

Speaking to AOL Music, Mary says her upcoming October 4th release of “My Life II: The Journey Continues,” will feature collaborations, production and writing credits from Bangladesh, DJ Premiere, Fabolous, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz.

According to Mary, ‘My Life II’ is about the second half of her life and career, which saw her reach beyond the R & B charts and eventually reach pop stardom with her super breakout album, 2005’s “The Breakthrough.”

So what about those painful love torn songs that made Mary a success and brought her the adoration of millions of fans? Well according to Mary, she cannot go back in time and sing lyrics that were true of her life 15 years ago.

Now a happily married woman, Mary says she’s looking to spread positivity and let all women know that they can overcome bad circumstances and bad relationships.


  1. My Life is a classic album for a female rnb star. If Mary talkin’ about My Life pt2 she gotta come hard on this one..

  2. Her music has become very dull. She needs better producers who can create classic good music for her and not try and follow whatever trend is out.

    Honestly I get the feeling Mary is just making music for the hell of it and I think it can be felt in the songs which are about absolutely nothing.

  3. I really like her last cd, even tho, I don’t play it enough…it’s very cohesive and I usually fall asleep…I think what has happened is that because we suck in so much media and media impressions…so much access to our stars, know so much more about them than the artists and their fan base had prior to today’s stars due to technology…it’s easy to become disenchanted or bored…if they take a break, it’s called a “come back”…if they put out an album every 1.5 years…we can easily grow tire of them…Sade, Maxwell, Andre 3000, Jill Scott…we always want to hear what they’re playing for us…I don’t know if Mary can still make music that will excite her old fans and bring in new fans…it’s the times we live in…quite disposable…regardless, how this one turns out…I’m buying it!…Mary’s albums always has good music…not just the radio hits…there’s a certain quality about her music that appeals to me…she still has it!…the internet has been a double-edge sword for celebrities…24/7 entertainment news cycles…trending topics…mainstream media gone tabloid news…in order for us to enjoy where we are today…we have to add more wholesome things into our lives like crafting while listening to music or baking or reading…because I find myself getting bored with music more than ever…becoming a victim of “short attention span”…because there’s so much media…from reality tv to the news to the internet to social networking to text messages to eye-grabbing and sometimes funny as heck commercials to talent shows…it can be an overload!

    I hope Mary truly bring it…tone down the blonde hair just a tad bit…get the right shade…her brand is doing extremely well and she has a devoted fanbase, but she needs to create a serious buzz…we have become used to Mary…their business so challenging…staying relevant is complex…Mary is a survivor, so she’ll get the job done!

  4. I love all her work and be without is my favorite song from her. i wish her the best. she will be around for a long time.

  5. She’s been making the same album for like ten years … I love her but I lost interest some time ago.

  6. One of my favorites as of lately is “Runaway Love”. I jammed “The Breakthrough” in my car for two years straight. I hope one day her and Keyshia get together and do a song. That would be dope.

  7. Mary J is one of the best at making music true to her sound yet holds it own to in todays strange market. Just my opinion….

  8. She can’t dress, she can’t sing with her annoying voice and I wish she would take that stupid blonde wig off her head. Retire please.

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