Mary J. Unveils Official ‘Right Now’ Video


Okay, so it appears the video Mary J. Blige released a few weeks ago for her single “Right Now” wasn’t the official video, but rather a prequel of what was to come.

The Queen of Hip-Soul just unveiled the official video for the single moments ago via VEVO.

Mary takes a completely different approach with the official video, opting for color, lots of fashion, flashy cars and the ubiquitous R&B club scene.

Check out Mary’s latest and let us know what you think.


  1. I love that song. It is a throw back to the late 70’s and 80’s classic soul song

  2. I like it. Not, the video so much with the hair, but I get it (vintage Mary, getto-fab). The song is good, I can see the clubs really playing this. Like JHUD’s retro single, which I didn’t think would do well, but it surely has an audience! Nowadays, black female singers really have to find a niche to put out and promote their music. Mary stay on her grind!

  3. I love the street/car scenes of the video, but not the club part. The song is aight…same old hip-trip R&B. I love Mary though, and I will most definitely be coping her new album.

  4. Mary’s new video is the bomb. I personally love the beat and the car scenes. Gives a realistic and cool vibe.I can totally see this being played over and over in my car. Can’t wait for her new album.

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