Mary J. Unveils ‘Right Now’ Video


Just moments ago the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul graced her subjects with the visually minimalistic black-and-white video for her single “Right Now,” taken from her latest album “The London Sessions,” due out December 2.

Mary takes fans behind-the-scenes for a look at the recording of the album, which took place over the summer in the U.K. with singer/songwriter Sam Smith and various other British writers/producers.

After declaring her musical growth was being stunted in the United States, Mary headed across the pond for what she called a “taste of musical freedom.” According to Mary, London, and the overseas market in general, allow artists to grow and experiment with their sound in a way the U.S. used to but no longer does.

In a recent interview with the Guardian, Mary called London the “mecca of musical freedom,” and said she was inspired the diversity of sounds she heard on U.K. radio.

When asked what she thought her American fans would think of her new sound, Mary said she was “hopeful” her longtime fans would get it, but said what was most important is that she got the chance to grow as an artist.


  1. I am a big fan of Mary, but I have a problem with her statement of her musical growth being stunted. Mary forgets that the success she has had has come in the USA. All of a sudden because no one is feeling her latest music releases she is now feeling her growth is stunted. Mary forgets that she doesn’t play any instruments or produces her own material. She is only going overseas cause the audience over there is not as sophisticated as here. They will except a lot more sub par music. When Mary was making hot tracks she was fine. Now that she is not all of a sudden she has to go to England. I hope she doesn’t develop an English accent like Tina Turner did.

  2. Sweetie that is a global superstar right there. She is right the music that these American producers and executives are putting out is not about music at all. It is all about the visual. Overseas is where all of our legends are because they can’t even get air play on the radio.

    I am excited and can’t wait until I purchase my London sessions. These music execs and producers expect for her to still be what’s the 411 she was a child when she did that. She is a grown woman and wants to make grown women music. You go head Mary and do you.

  3. I see nothing wrong with Mary expanding her horizons. She’s an over 40 yr old woman in a business that puts folks out to pasture at 25! Luckily, she came out when fans were loyal and she was/has been smart to appeal to her black female fan base. I agree with Bria. I just think Mary’s trying to get her grown woman on. In the current American market, it’s hard because they want you to act like you are 16 and show t&a.

  4. Great comments ladies! I love me some Mary and the US doesn’t allow for change. We’re programmed and conditioned to look for the next one or expect our artists to be forever 21 like Tania stated. We simply get bored with celebrities after a while, when the buzz ends (Mary, Mariah). Real fans are novel, why Barbra Streisand reached number one. Our musical legacy is more appreciated over seas, whereas here, if it ain’t current and then it’s dead to us. But, artists overseas can be 16 and know about music from the 50s, 60s and on. Sam Smith, Adele didn’t learn to sing just listening to Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé. Gospel music is huge in the UK, RnB is cherished and blues made the Stones, Eric Clapton and other rock bands. But, here, not just in music, but in general, women’s self-shelf is very limited. Kudos to Mary for keeping it moving!

  5. Bertram don’t be afraid of change. Change is part of growing.

  6. Hey Mary, I am your Fan; I will be here for you!! Gorwth is a part of change!! and Loyality is forever!!

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