Mary J’s Chicken Ad Gets Pulled

The sight of the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul singing about chicken wraps in a Burger King commercial was apparently too much for some to take. After the ad debuted online Monday, fans quickly took to Twitter to voice for their disdain. And while some, like myself, simply found the ad embarrassing, others thought it was stereotypical.

Hip-Hop branding expert Steve Stoute, who previously helped Mary secure an endorsement deal with Carol’s Daughter, and her own fragrance line, shared his dislike of the ad via Facebook, saying: “The issue with the Burger King commercial is that these agencies visit culture and then do work that is so in-authentic it’s embarrassing.” He also posted a link to Ad Age, in which Burger King attempts to explain why Mary’s was eventually pulled offline.

A spokesperson for the company denied pulling the ad due to backlash, insisting the ad was pulled due to licensing issues and that it would eventually resurface.

As for what Mary thinks about the controversy, well she has yet to speak out and hasn’t posted to her official Twitter page in over a week.


  1. I dont see what the problem is, David Beckham also did an ad with BK.

  2. this isn’t a controversy, the real controversy is the real reason behind the travon martin’s case. how ironic that president obama is running for a second term, while this issue is being in the media. the longer the shooter stays out of jail, the media and anti-obama groups are hoping that blacks riot,thus making whit america turn on pres.obama. that’s what blacks should focus on, and not a commercial. personally, i have no respect for r7b singers or rappers, they represent money snd capitalism for the sake of their pockets, and miss the big pic.

  3. Stuff happens, it may not have not been the best commercial. But, it’s how we’re perceived and it is believed we can’t receive a message unless it’s in a song and at the most common value, low!

    This whole deal isn’t a reflection on Mary. But, an indictment on the images of our culture that are perpetuated and promoted on the news, in music videos and other media. Mainstream media will NEVER present a fair representation of us! It’s a conflict of interest (equality). We don’t help the matter, when we are very supportive of the superficial and non-beneficial!

    This site is a prime example, dedicated to “Brown Sistas” but only a couple even matter to us! When this could have been Brown Sista, “women of color” with articles on J-lo, Selma, Juju Chang, Eva Longoria, Shakira, Sofia Vargara, Frieda Pinto and other women of color! Which would generate more hits, clicks, affiliate program incentives and search engine results, along with any gratis that a lot of white blogs receive!

    It’s difficult to know what we’ll respond to…this wasn’t it for sure!

    Right on target PW!!!

  4. I don’t understand why she is getting all this flack. You have some celebrities that put their names on anything and everything that is how they became super rich now all of a sudden it is a problem for her. Give me a break. Mary do you.

  5. IMO BK need not apologize. Marys style of R&B has always appealed to the lacefrong wannabe barbie gold grill wannabe thugged out kneegrows within our culture. White people have there NASCAR hillbillies and they have stars that appeal to them and we have our hoodbillies ( thats mine so don’t steal it )and she appeals to them. She is a warbler that makes the everyday person sound better so she is loved for this reason. She is no BEY, Mariah, or even Kelly Rowland. She is the Nene of soul and those that think Nene is other than a set-back for black people, would not find the commercial distasteful. They are the ones saying, get your money girl. Some of us would have never left the plantation if the fatback n collards were free. Heck they would have even jumped up on massa’s table and did a jig like a good jig is s’posed to. Wasn’t MJB on a table singing about her love of the yardbird rap? Figures. You can buy Jimmy Choo’s and Prada, you can’t buy intelligence or class.

  6. All i have to say is this is some bogus bullshit on MARY and her Mary teams part!!!!…..Burger king might have made a mistake…but her saying she did not know…hell to the no!! She is a veteran in this game!!

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