Mary & Musiq Film New Video “If You Leave”

Singers Mary J. Blige and Musiq Soulchild braved the iffy New York City weather yesterday to film the video for their new single, If You Leave. The song appears on Musiq’s new album, On My Radio, which is due to be released on December 2nd. If You Leave will serve as the second single from Musiq’s CD and takes him back to his roots after releasing the controversial “Radio” as his first single. As for Mary, this video and single keeps her working after her latest CD, Growing Pains, was abandoned by her record label. Mary stays busy however with her Love Soul tour which continues throughout the month and has Robin Thicke and Mary’s own artist, Dave young, on the under card.

More pics from the video shoot below.


  1. I Think that dirty abandonment of Mary’s album is disgusting. Why do that in lieu of Keyshia Cole’s album. They could BOTH sell at the same time and make Geffen even bigger. BUt they wanted Keyshia’s album to be the top grossing geffen album at the time to give her even more sales, and Mary’s album was selling around the same. 1.4 mil to 1.5 mil. ridiculous.

  2. Yeh!
    I collect Musiq and I have 2 of Mary’s cds including the last one. The music business must be imploding if her company “abandoned” her last cd. I think some of these established artist need to front their own label and just use BMG or some other company to distribute their music.

  3. And apparently she still outsold keyshia cole by 25,000 not that i’m hating on keyshia, its just that mary j. deserves to be fronted as the amazing artist she is.

  4. I cannot wait to hear this song. Musiq and Mary are two of my favorite artist. I have basically loved every song each one has put out. They are truly talented singers and never dissapoint their fans. Keep doin what cha doin…..

  5. No they did not try to disrespect Mary like that! Aint no good…whatever.

    I do have to say I wasn’t happy with her last album at all. Mary has been my girl from day one, but that last album was A bomb IMO. This new song with her and Musiq is hot! I know the video is going to be dope. She really needs to do something with Jaheim.

  6. @KATRINA yes she do need to do something with jaheim. Do you have his last cd love all them song. We need singer like that but this generation of song clouds people minds these days. They can sing about anything like going to the bathroom people would love it. Yes we need them soulfull singer back for real. Music is going down the drain like mccain.

  7. Cosign Lady…there are few that I will spend my hard earned money on. His CD was worth every penny! I try to support the artists that are really singing about something.

  8. Mary has definitely lost steam. Not many people are checking for her anymore. I won’t say her record label is to blame though. I think she needs to switch up her music a bit. Her music is becoming very whiney and that is never a good thing.

  9. I still check for mary and if i have to buy 50 copies of he rnew album when it comes out i will that’ s nothing but air, i will always support soul r&b singers because i don’ t want them to go away

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