Mashonda Says She Has Moved On With Her Life

Mashonda is covering the latest issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine, and as usual, she is giving all those who are still interested, the dirt on her life with ex husband Swizz Beatz and his new wife, singer Alicia Keys. Among other things, Mashonda says Alicia, against her wishes, has instructed her son, Kasseem Jr., to call her “umi,” the Arabic word for mommy. As you can imagine, this didn’t go over very well with Mashonda, and she is more than happy to tell us all about it…

On Alicia Asking Kasseem Jr. to call her “Mommy”:

S2S: You said that Alicia wanted your baby to call her “mommy”. How do you know that she said that?

Mashonda: My son told me.

S2S: And you told her that is not going to happen?

Mashonda: Yeah. I sent her an email and asked her to please respect what I am to him and it’s not right for her to think that is okay. She never replied. She doesn’t reply to me. She has never given me that respect.

S2S: What does Swizz say?

Mashonda: He said okay, he would stop it. He wouldn’t let her do it.

S2S: That would be kind of confusing for the child.

Mashonda: Oh, it is. It is so unfair to the child. I have been in contact with the little girls mother (the woman in England who has Swizz’s baby). She’s a young girl. She’s a spiritual girl. She apologized to me… I don’t even judge her. I can’t. She’s totally different than the other one. This other one knew. Alicia knew about me 100 percent. Swizz introduced me at prior events. They were signed to the same record company. She knew. And I emailed her and asked her to stop doing what she was doing and she disregarded me. Just like she disregarded me when I asked her to not have my son thinking it was okay to call her “umi.” You’re not his umi. You just met my son.

S2S: “Umi” is like “mommy”?

Mashonda: “Umi” means “mommy” in Arabic. I’m like no. And then after I spoke to the lady in London, she told me that she tried to get her daughter to call her “umi” as well.

S2S: She’s met the lady in London?

Mashonda: Yes. I’m glad she’s having her own child now because now she will have someone to call her “umi”.

S2S: Wow.

Mashonda: Like, if you want to be a stepmother, that’s great. Be a stepmother. But don’t think that it’s okay to make a kid call you “umi” or “mommy.”

On why she continues to talk about this if she moved on:

Mashonda: People ask me why am I still talking about this and why don’t I just leave it alone. I’m like, this is going to help somebody. My story is a universal thing. This is not just something that only happened to me: This happens to women every day. Mine was just ugly. If I can help the next woman get through and be positive, then I’m going to talk about it.

S2S: Were you guys dating other people before he got with Alicia? Were you guys separated?

Mashonda: We were married. Sleeping in the same bed and having sex every night while he was seeing Alicia. Okay? It was an affair. 100 percent. I don’t know why people want to change that rule so much. We had just had a kid, for crying out loud. Our child was 8 months. I found out about Alicia two days before my son turned 1. They had been doing their thing for months before that.


  1. People need to give her time to move on and stop acting as if she should just automatically be over the hurt and pain simply because Swizz and Alicia have married. It takes time to heal when you have had your life turned upside down.

  2. Alicia is never going to respond to you Mashonda. She is a star and knows anything she says to you will tell the public. She has kept mum so far to protect her image and record sales.

  3. The reason why A.keys won’t respond to this drama cause she is apart of this drama..

  4. I would like to know why NANCY GRACE/CNN and every other media outlet put Fantasia on blast and let this heifer go free. As I said many times before another woman tears today can very well be yours tomorrow. GOD SEES IT ALL!!! NOTHING IS OBSELETE!! Mashonda you should talk about it as much as you like. Because disrespectful and deseparate women and men are contaminating households with there infidelities everyday being self-seeking and self-serving. You tear my heart out the frame and I never cause you any pain I would talk about it too.

  5. Let the truth be told..I think he is going to do a Kevin Fedderline..LOL Swizz loves Mashonda best believe that Swizz is a man with a plan. Alicia he is defintely going to do an “Unthinkable” you’re going to be hit just like Britney Spears was you ain’t even going to see it coming! Kevin Federline and Shar Jackson had a plan from the start…..LOL The only difference in the storyline is Shar never dogged him in the press even after what he did to her.I think they played Britney for her money,and I can’t hate on ’em…she fell for it.

  6. wow! I feel so sorry for this woman! Especially since they all in the spotlight….man! I don’t think I could get though something like that.

  7. I totally on Mashonda’s side. It is her job to put Alicia on blast. If Alicia was darker or less popular or came from the ghetto she would not have been getting a “ho pass”. We would have been so quick to call her a self hating maneater. Mashonda has the right to air the dirty laundry. Those who are uncomfortable with her talking about it have some demons to deal with. I can’t believe how we can talk about black sisterhood one minute and let this bullshit slide the next. I wanna know all the women who are defending Alicia so I can never become friends with them.

  8. i’ve always chose to not comment on any of these AK/SB/M posts, cuz i just felt weary all the tine… but the respect i really didn’t want to loose for AK, is slowly fading away. where does integrity come in. as a woman does she really think in her little mind she can ask another woman’s child yo cal her mommy? wow that is inconceivable to. she definitely disregarded her on that one. im so disappointed right now.and she feels the need to not give M the time of day why? after helping to break up her family… she has no self respect, cuz if i were her i would hide my head in shame and make sure to be never seen in public!!!

  9. I don’t agree with her putting the situation on blast because hatred does NOT beat hatred. I understand she’s not over the pain but Karma is a bitch and will play back around. Yes I think Fantasia and even Gabrielle Union are being dragged in the mud due to their skin color. And I do think Alicia is wrong for asking him to call her mommy. That’s really disrespectful!


    Everybody was quick to criticize Fantasia. But when Gabrielle Union did it to Dwayne Wade’s wife, everyone was like “Bitter, move on, etc…”. Just because Gabby and Alicia are pretty and popular doesn’t make what they were doing right. They are homewreckers, that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. But karma is a you know what and one day, they will realize it. It’s just disappointing to me a woman like Alicia Keys wouldn’t find a single man and has to sleep with another woman’s husband. How disappointing.

  11. Finally some people are coming to their senses, and can see that Alicia isn’t 100% innocent. I thought i would never happen. But that is messed up on Alicia’s part trying to have a baby call you mommy when you are indeed not his mommy and his mother takes care of him.

  12. I think anything Alicia does will be considered negative to Mashonda. She could buy the boy icecream and Mashonda would say she is trying to overload him with sugar. No matter how they came about stepfamilies will have bumps in the road. It is up to the adults to communicate maturely so the children can transition as smoothly as possible. It is not unusual to have nicknames for the stepmom it does not mean that the woman wants your child. If Mashonda didn’t like the nickname then all she had to do was tell Swizz the FATHER that it needs to be changed and it is a done deal. If anybody is confusing her child it is Mashonda, if the common reader can feel her hostility then her son feels it 10 times more. Right now her son doesn’t feel negative towards his father, when he sees him he probably just wants to play with him and his other brother. As long as Mashonda continues to love her son then no matter who comes into his life he will always know who his mother is. All the media stuff should stop it is not helping her or anybody else, I have yet to see positive. She sounds like she is self destructing. I think part of the reason why she is not letting go is because she has always forgave his indiscretions. While she may not have liked it, I think on some level she accepted his cheating. This time he ended up leaving. It is not right but if you keep forgiving a cheater it only ends up bad for you.

  13. Alicia Keys is a punk, and so is Swizz Beats. What she is alleged to have a done is beyond homewrecking. You don’t go there when you are trying to persuade someone else’s child. Alicia did have a song called “Karma”. What a B****. Just because she’s pretty, popular, and is accepted by the mainstream “white” media. If I was Mashonda, I will always have them on blast. What goes around comes around.

  14. Yikes! & WOWSERS! @ this point there is simply no words for this foolishness.. just none.

    As for the comparisons on Fantasia’s situation & AK… YES the cases are STILL the same. HOWEVER, the records sales are not. Ppl keep giving Alicia a pass b/c she is a “supastar” & a “charity darling”. Folks don’t want to see “sweet lil Alicia” doing dirt like this. Fantasia a power house singer ,no doubt, is on a z list & doesn’t have the popularity or the deep pockets to save her.. hence why she is/was attacked MORE than the other( not saying it’s right b/c it’s NOT). BUT either way I say a duck is a duck is a duck( no matter who you are or how fat your bank roll maybe). The actions of BOTH ladies are wrong b/c they messed w/ these men KNOWING( @ some point) that they had wives @ home. Ppl can debate ALL day, but I say if you KNOW that the person has a spouse & STILL lay down w/ them you share that blame. No you don’t owe it to the person you have cheated on, But you owe it to YOURSELF to maintain YOUR respect & dignity. Give the respect you want. Yea he may wanna cheat, but it doesn’t have to be w/ you.

  15. Alicia gets a pass because people love her and her music so much and think she’s this angel so they’re being biased. Just like with Janet Jackson showin skin but if another singer/s do it all of a sudden it’s slutty and they’re a wh*re. As far as the mommy thing (which is wrong). All Alicia had to do was type four simple words, and those are: Sorry, I will stop.

  16. I saw this quote on Twitter:

    Mashonda is like a stalled vehicle with a flat tire and a horn that won’t stop blaring.

    Just a question, it has been at least 3 years since Swizz and Mashonda have been apart. She is now with a new man. Is she disrespecting her new realtionship by not letting go of the old one? Is she sabotaging something good that is in front of her?


    I don’t think Mashonda is disrespecting her new relationship. Direspecting it would be to not address the deep emotional scars she still has in heart. She has Every Right to speak about what was done to her. People who say she should move on are people who couldn’t possibly have had their lives or families ripped apart by infidelity. I have. Although I loved him dearly, my father’s indiscretions led my mother to divorce him. It took Years for the emotional wounds to heal for all three of us. Each of us was affected differently and had to heal differently. Swizz Beatz doesn’t yet realize, truly, what he has done to Mashonda and the children they share, but there will come a time when that reality will smack him dead in the face. Alicia can’t address Mashonda because the guilt of what she has done would be to great to bare. So she tries her best to pretend Mashonda doesn’t exist. What the two of them did was willful and so beyond selfish, there IS NO EXCUSE.

    If he is a praying man who believes in God, it will be at that point I would hope he would begin to ask Him for some major forgiveness. The kind of forgiveness Swizz will need only God can give.

  18. Mashonda sit your ghetto ass somewhere, Didn’t you marry swiss even tho he had a baby by another girl WHILE he was in a relationship with you ? what was your stupid ass thinking? that he would change because you signed some papers?You’re just mad because you’re intimidated by alicia Keys. YOU should have asked for the divorce but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you wanted to “work it out” with a sad excuse of a man…

  19. Someone said this on another blog: “As long as Alicia Keys has fans, Mashonda will have people who hate her”. Dont be mad at Mashonda. Whether she told us what happened or not,it still happened. Be mad at your “idol” for being too human for you to handle.

  20. I feel Mashonda’s pain and I get that it wil take a long time to get over it. But she really needs to stop with the interviews. Firstly Alicia was wrong, we get it…its done move on.
    Mashonda cant be completely surprised by Swizz’s behaviur, she found him like that and SHE taught him that she’ll take whatever he gives. She stuck around when he got someone else knocked up.

    Secondly, its not cool to talk about the stepmother biznss in public, that’s their personal family ish, keep that ish private.

    I dont get why she is so cool with 99% of all her interviews being about Alicia. Tell us about you outside the Alicia/Swizz thing. This is as much attention as you’re going to get, so use it wisely, stop dogging Alicia, let her pay for her actions.

    What she went through is hard and I’m sure many women have learnt from it. Talk to you grls, your mother, your shrink, stop telling us your biz lady… we get it. Alicia wrecked your home. how many more times do you need to tell us – sigh

  21. I am very happy to read most of things comments. It appears to have a very intelligent group of followers. I agreed with most of you who understand Mashonda’s pain. I feel that she is putting AK on blast because of the image AK puts out. I feel she was more surprised with AK than her husband. What a women puts up with in her marriage is her business. She took those vows. But a mistress which AK was is another story. Sorry but she is a homewrecker. She is very insensitive to another women’s pain. We, the public has a right to know her true colors. I’m glad Mashonda is shedding the light for us. How can you keep a child alive and empower women, when you are sleeping with someone’s husband. I was such a fan of AK’s. She has I have totally lost my respect. I’m sorry I can’t blame Mashonda.

  22. TEAM ALICIA, This women needs to be mad at Swizz not Alicia. Plus Mashonda story keeps changing up. Every single interview she is attacking Alicia and not Swizz why is that? Envy most likely.

  23. Out there is a woman who can say Mashonda wrecked her relationship, so the whole I’m so innocent mess needs to stop. Sure Alicia took her man, we get it. There’s not much else to be said.
    Raise your kids, get a job and move on -geesh.

    I’m still an Alicia fan, I respect that she isnt saying much.

  24. *Side eying* the hell out of these three. Alicia should have had enough self respect/esteem to have been able to get her own damn man. She should have closed her cankled tree trunk legs to marrie men period. He is going to do the same thing to her.
    Swizz – The common denominator in all this mess, holds the most accountability. Four kids by four different women, being a liar and obviously a serial cheater should make them both want to run for the hills. He should be they type of man he wants his sons to be and his daughter to marry. Get it together Beakz, you too will get what you deserve.
    Mashonda should be quiet, hold her head high & proud, focus on her career and her son, sit back and let the karma bus hit these two. If he wanted to be with her, he would. Slick bashing her ex- husband and his new wife makes her look like she doesn’t have any self esteem, that she’s still bitter and she has not moved on. Bashing her son’s step mother makes her look just as classless as Alicia’s actions.

  25. Swizz not Alicia should be feeling the heat here if it was not alicia it was going to be someone else

  26. I didnt get to finish my toughts yesterday
    The people on here who seems outraged that “alicia gets a pass” are the exact same people who gives a certain singer passes when she is clearly wrong, You are hypocrites and you’re showing how mature you are.

    I love alicia’s music but i am nobody stan, She is an imbecile to marry this man although he had a child while he was in a relationship with her WHILE HE WAS MARRIED,What kind of ghettoness is that ? oh and no one is speaking bad about the other chick swiss impregnated, sound to me like you just got your reason to bad mouth keys, she is not half naked she doesn’t pop her coochie, she is not known for being a sex symbol so we have to find something else uh? if you want to “keep it real” do so completely
    Mashonda married swiss although he had a baby by another woman, You can’t exclude that just because you have a problem with a.keys.

    an other woman had a baby by swiss while he was married and with alicia, you can’t act like you don’t know about it

    as far as i am concerned they are all stupid for even hooking up with swiss , are we still talking about the white girl lover? He promised mashonda till death do them part when he was already cheating, he is now doing the same to alicia keys, BLACK women you need to do better!

  27. if you been there you know you gotta talk keys is not going to response because she know what she did and she feel she is the winner they feel to realize tha what goes around come around and they both are going to pay i don’t wish nothing bad for keys but she should have known better i gave her credit as for swiss just like 50 said he done hit the JACKPOT steve wonder can see this listen i love keys songs but just because she is a supertasr i am not going to sugercoat what she did was right she were wrong and everybody know she is wrong but she is a star you doing more harm to her given her approver that what she did was right yes she is a superstar but she is also superstupid #imjustsayin

  28. Wow! Some folks are given test and fail, fail, fail. Swizz and Alicia are married and expecting, dang when is Mashonda gonna let go. She said she met w/ Alicia and had dinner with her in the Vibe interview to bring closure and for her son and I guess if you still in love with Swizz there won’t be any closure. I love how Alica never responds..that’s gotta be killer.She won’t give her anything…ROFL

  29. BELYNDA- Since I feel like I’m one of the very few you’re talkin about I will respond. Let’s get real here, if that certain singer was in this same predicament she would get trashed plain and simple, now even you SHOULD be able to agree with that. No one would be saying things like “how can you just take someone’s husband like a purse” it would be more like “she’s so trashy, taking someone’s husband”. That’s why I kinda wish that “certain singer” would do something like this just so I could see how big of hypocrites YA’LL really are, because I myself know that the comments would be completely different. So, if you want to keep it real you do so completely.
    Nice speaking to you again.

  30. For a chick that has suppose to have let go? (winks) she sure stays in their business.. She’s bitter and people! there is always two sides to a story good or bad!!

    She really is playing her self, I dont believe Alicia would have done that considering all the press going on around them now so why give the chick more amo, this is another form of media trying to sell… Stop the HYPE!

  31. I believe that anyone who is still defending Alicia or Swizz is either crazy or plain stupid. If I were MaShonda I wouldn’t even be trying to pretend that I let anything go or had moved on. She said that the other woman apologized & treats her with respect. Why can’t Alicia do the same at the VERY LEAST? It’s because Alicia is trashy just like Swizz. Any fool that says that all scars from past emotionally abusive relationships are healed just because you have a new man, is crazy! Mashonda’s story does help, and more and more women need to start being “bitter” enough to tell their stories over & over so that these whorish men & women stop going on their merry way with images intact. It’s not confusing the child. That’s a load of crap! What’s really confusing children these days is all the pyschology telling us to keep them in the dark on all issues, and then the good spouse has children growing up loving someone who is really a monster. Any man or woman that really loves their children won’t be going around cheating routinely & doing what it takes to wreck their child’s home in the first place. I don’t care if a stepmother wants a nickname, it doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be Mommy or any name that means Mommy in another language. That’s just sick & psycho, ESPECIALLY when you’re one of the ones that helped to break up the child’s home.

  32. Mashonda accomplished nothing with those attacks on Alicia. NOTHING. If someone you have loved, supported and been loyal to you can walk away from you, the thing for you do is to let them walk. They are not for you and not be with you. Peopple just won’t let go..not aware that letting go makes a path for God. That negro is married an moved on and Mashonda talking about she sent him a congratulations email, had dinner with Alicia to address somethings then Sister2Sister calls and all of sudden the closure she got has unraveled. Swizz has divorced her and remarried and she still reffering to this negro as her husband. sounds like a patient to me. She giving Swizz adn Alica all her engery adn she gets noting from them..that’s kinda pathetic. Even if there was no Alicia, Swizz would not be over there with her and she knows it.

  33. Well if she is going to keep doing interviews she should at least get her stories straight, in Vibe she said they were sleeping in separate rooms (she knew her worth).

    What I do want to know is where is her family, friends, new man…somebody?? She is unraveling and needs somebody other than the media to talk to. I know she wants the media/public to hate Alica but at the end of the day you are just a story to the media and when they are done getting all the juice they will be on to the next one……

  34. TEAM Mashonda All the Way! Poor girl probably never had a fighting chance… I mean its Alicia Keys whose sleeping with your man, not Alicia from down the street!

  35. Alicia is a coward for not responding to Mashonda. She needs be a woman about things and take responsibility for her actions. I think Alicia knows she was wrong and have no real explanation for Mashonda.

  36. Alicia is not a coward she is smart. You gets none of my energy Mashonda….ROFL I love how both Alicia and Swizz Beatz keep it mature and keep it moving on twitter and what not. Nothing but postivie tweets..that’s gotta kill Mashonda….LOL . So the shit didn’t go down right, A child just contracted herpes from a used condom in a hotel room, that’s a tragedy. When you have been loving and loyal to a man and he can walk away from you, Thank the lord that he is walking and let go so that you leave a path for God to step in. Shit happens rise and shine. Begging behind another human that don’t want your ass..I would be ahsamed…
    I love Alicia as an artist and a philanthropist. She not my morals teacher and I don’t know her. I have my own God given life to deal with. I see others don’t.

  37. LOOK…WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND..IF Swiss did that crap to his wife he will do it to alicia also….how can Alicia be so naive…and believe that he will be faithful..He just wants her money….crazy….lost alot of respect for her for what she did…not kool..

  38. The reason Mashonda keeps going in on Alicia Keys is because she feels a woman should know better. But, I guess when you get desperate for that ring and perfect family, you’ll stoop to any level! Shame on Alicia and all the other homewreckers…Gabrielle included. I was so shocked by both these women because they were like the black starlets in our community. It makes women look desperate. I guess it’s the times we live in!

  39. Alicia Keys= homewrecker
    Angelina Jolie= homewrecker
    Gabrielle Union= homewrecker
    Fantasia= homewrecker

    Swizz= Cheater with no conscience
    Brad Pitt= Cheater with non conscience
    Dwayne Wade= Cheater and ungrateful
    Something Cook= Cheater and gold digger

    Bottomline, all of them are adulterers in my book. Both WOMEN and MEN will pay when karma comes back to beat them in their a…

    I’m not someone who only blames the women because I know it takes 2. I also don’t blame the wives like some peoople here because I know from personal experience that a wife can be perfect, a man would still cheat on her (I saw it first hand with my own mother). The only thing that disappoints me is Alicia Keys. Didn’t really expect her to be involved in this kind of mess.

  40. NISHA your comments are insensitive. wow and i think you know that. its pretty gross. btry to be more emphathetic in your posts

  41. This chick needs to move on already. Stop whining and just live your life. I have no sympathy for her at all. If she’s really moving on then stop talking about it.

  42. @ Clarity – I co-sign with you 100%.

    Move on already. Besides there are three sides to the story, his side, her side and the truth.

    This woman just comes off as bitter and is making a career off of bashing Alicia Keys because Mrs. Keys is a celebrity.

  43. Nisha… you have GOD. I think that you are one of those people that have there own mind of understanding GOD. Let me know if you want me to further digress on the subject. For the life of me I am trying to see how you relate a child getting a condom/herpes in his mouth to this subject! I am praying for you my sista. I come in love and leave in peace.

  44. @ Clarity

    So agreed. I guess when Alicia gives birth Mashonda will have a new interview to rehash what happened. It’s getting old.

  45. Sorry I’m not down for this interview with Mashonda at all. Alicia Keys and Swizz beats are married and having a baby. They got together while Mashonda was still with him, but so did the two other baby mamas. WE GET IT and We got it a few years ago.

    I tell people God puts you in EXTREME situations because he knows you won’t listen any other way. He had a baby before you got married, you stayed, had a baby afterwards, you stayed, and I’m pretty sure he had countless affairs and you stayed. Sometimes when God sees we are too blind to leave a situation HE DOES IT FOR US. In this case, Swizz had to just be like screw it, I’M LEAVING. This situation Mashonda is in is a classic example of a woman trying to put a square peg in a circle. Swizz revealed himself to her years ago and she still stuck around. If the new woman wants to put up with his B.S. that’s her headache. And it’s time for Mashonda to stop harboring negative energy which can ONLY affect her well-being along with her child well-being. Bitter women raise bitter children. I will not applaud her opening up her mouth dishing family secrets that will only negatively affect ALL children involved as they grow older. And I’m actually shocked that some of you guys are “Yeah sista child tell it”. What about the babies? They should not be at the expense of someone’s enjoyment of reading gossip about celebrities. This story does not assist me in my marriage, pay my bills, or raise my son. It’s entertainment!! WE ALL KNOW ALICIA AND SWIZZ WERE DATING WHILE HE WAS WITH MASHONDA? Do we really need to know more?!?!???? Telling this story to magazines, blogs, or twitter does not win me over that you are truly concerned about the MENTAL well-being of your child. Start a small support group that involves family and/or close friends. Maybe even counseling. BUT there is no way someone can convince me telling THE WORLD this mess is necessary BECAUSE IT IS NOT.

    I know it’s a hard pill to swallow but this was obviously for the better. It was quite clear their marriage wasn’t a healthy one.

  46. Mashonda is pathetic and jealousy is a very weak emotion you’re not mad mashonda got cheated on you mad because you are jealous of alicia keys, Yes she shouldn’t have slept with a married man but she does not deserve all this anger and spit, Swiss beatz deserve that, and black women expecially the dark one will forever be cheated on and lied to because you would sell your mother to keep a man that doesn’t deserve to be kept, Your opinion does not matter alicia is happy and mashonda is a bitter black bitch, she needs to get over it and get her a man that won’t betray her for some vajay jay

  47. @Nisha i agree completely people are sitting here getting their panties in the bunch as if swiss beatz is even worht it, DUDE he left the woman and her child, what i’m spose to nurse her? cry with her? bitches please i vouch for strong female not weak non moving on whack man holding tricks, and is it true she married him, even tho he got another chick pregnant? and you are over here talking bad about alicia kecause? mashonda is the idiot thinking marriage will change swiss, charge it to the game, and all of you get off your fat behind and deal with issues in YOUr life, instead of dreaming about alicia keys.

  48. oh and btwen even if swiss does the same to alicia you won’t see her beg and cry and call for sympathy, she’ll move the hell on, HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  49. men only misstreat weak bytches, they only cheat because they know your weak and desperate self will go on and blame the other woman and let him be, so kill yourself, all of you.

  50. And yet there are still skank ass hoes up in here shaming the ex-wife instead of the husband and mistress. Just because you don’t want to hear the dirty laundry does not mean that Mashonda should shut up. If Mashonda is stupid for taking Swizz back after the first affair then what does that make Alicia? (An IDIOT)

  51. CIDERKISS….CO-SIGN!! A damn fool to be exact! The sad thing about all of this is some young 18 or 19 year old will be reading what Nisha and Leah wrote which is obvious both parties are completely a protocol of the same kind of relationships that is why they are on some other &^&&@ and these young girls will think this is a cool thing to do. However in other cases people nowadays will serious hurt you with the statistics being so low of even getting a husband.

  52. OH yeah…she will not move on she will be on Oprah with a champagne bottle like Jennifer Aniston…LOL

  53. We don’t know what Alicia would do if this happens to her, so you can just hush with all of that. BUT then again, she is a “superwoman” that can fly so who knows.

    I’ve also learned that if you haven’t been in this situation you can’t say what you would have done, and things like “move on already” and “she’s bitter” because we don’t know what she’s going through. If something like this becomes reality for you, only God knows what you might do. You may end up being weaker than YOU thought. So stop being biased and see the big picture. Because as i’ve said before, if this were a couple other women in entertainment everything said here would be different.

  54. @MYSHLEL

    I bet when their relationships are going wrong they will be the first to blame other people like the media, SNL, oprah, women of other races, and the shortage of good black men. Yet they are quick to sit here, and defend this bull-ish that Alicia did. I bet you these women are probably preaching black sisterhood to everyone while they secretly wish they could stab other women in the back like that, and get away with it. They are quick to take the side of the rich, and beautiful while on the other hand complaining about classism, and beauty standards. I’m sure that they wouldn’t find it cool to be blamed excessively and told to shut up simply because they aren’t rich, and pretty enough. I see so many doulble-standards in black society. Black women gun so hard for black love (not me personally I’m all for interracial dating) and to give a brotha a chance, and make it work like Mashonda did the first time Swizz cheated. She was there for him in hard times like a wife should be, but when it all goes bad we are quick to turn on women, and say it’s their fault with little evidence despite what we preach to other black women on a regular basis. It’s a damn shame that even women participate in the sexist practice of excessively blaming females for EVERYTHING. I mean seriously!? Swizz is the scum of this earth and yet no one says anything to him. By the way I bought that issue of Sister to Sister and read the WHOLE interview. It will have you shaking your head.

  55. I feel as though any woman who sleeps with a married man is wrong and will eventually have to answer to God. Just because a person is a celebrity does not mean they get a free pass for their wrong doings. I feel noone is perfect and pain is pain and is hard to get over. Pain has to be let go because the person who put you in that pain is sleeping good and moved on with their life without a care in the world while you are still dredding on the past. AK with get her karma but we cannot judge her only God can. M if she has a new man needs to focus on making sure her son is good and taking care of her new relationship because if she doesnt she will make him leave or ppay for what SB has done to her. I do not and will not condone a child calling another woman mother that is not that childs mother no matter what she does for that child and the roles reverse also. I truely believe the way a person comes into a relationship will be the way that person leave that same relationship. So if Ak was cheating with SB when he was married then SB will do the same to her but it may change depending on if he is in it for love or her money…….M just move on seetie he is not worth all the drama or negitive talk just let it go. What they did to you will come back to them in ten folds and they dont get a pass just because of their celebrity status or because she does charity work.

  56. It’s easy to tell someone to move on when you’re not in their shoes. I pray God gives her the strength to realize “and this too shall pass” for the sake of her son and her own mental sanity but how many of us will be so strong in the face of public humiliation. Many people have emotional breakdowns when their spouses/mates cheats on them and the only people that know are friends and family. Mashonda has to endure this ordeal in the lens of the public spotlight because her spouse cheated on her with an international superstar that he has now married and expecting a child together. I personally feel she wants “people” to really see Alicia Keys through her eyes but unfortunately, men see the situation as an upgrade for Swizz Beatz and women have become so immune to cheating (because many of us are willing participants) that we rarely admonish the behavior or blame the victimized person (because she knew how he was or feel she can’t be mad because she can’t keep her man – which is ridiculous).

    Mashonda was an aspiring artist before she marrried S. Beatz and she may fare better if she released a song about the situation. She can describe her feelings of being the jilted wife and the emotional turmoil she endured and describe her journey. Women love empowering songs (ask Alicia Keys – Karma, Superwoman, etc). It may open the door to her career or if not, give her closure.

  57. Moshanda, I feel your pain, but its time to let this go. Just thank God you are not with him any more. A leopard doesn’t change his spots, so be expectin the same thiong to happen to her in the future. As far as your son calling her “umi”, its not mommy. he knows who his mommy is and that will always hold true. Putting this out is just making you look bad, as you see Alicia hasn’t responded to you at all, so leave it alon and get on with your life…

  58. Mashonda your not the first and won’t be the last. I am not saying that your brought this on yourself but according to a previous media report you stayed with him after he fathered a child with another women which is his oldest son. You should have learned then and moved on. Like @ Ladigee said a leapord doesn’t change their spots. The lord says vengance is mine. what comes around goes around! Let it go! Mashonda….I understand you want to help other but to keep this mess going isn’t good for your son! LET GO and LET GOD! -side note**** I understand you also make some change whenever you do interviews****

  59. Cyderkiss: another bitter bytch uh? did your man leave you for aanother girl? if you can’t move on because he is the best thing that ever happenned to you kill yourself and stop getting on my damn nerves!
    again don’t hate the player men only cheat and deceive WEAK ASS WOMEN LIKE MOST OF YOU ON THIS POST say you’re mad because just like mashonda your forgot to leave a dog when you saw flees now you wanna be mad at alicia? Tchrrr Imbeciles

  60. LOL i’m sorry, but this is hilarious. Not the situation, but everyone else. Y is that when a person reaches fame, we place them on a pedastal and hate to c them knocked down. Now these r 3 people we r talkin about, not Gods. They r just people, n people make mistakes. Honestly i heard about this at the beginning of the summer, but i knew he was cheating. So i agree with sum of the responders-Mashonda is mad cuz he left. n Yes we should blame Alicia, but remember they r all just people. bcuz they have a talent, doesnt mean they r ne better than the next person. Dont place them so high, they wont have that far to fall. Peace

  61. @Leah
    Please add that cheating men only cheat with weak, no to low self-esteem, desperate women, who don’t value their self worth by not feeling worthy of being the only one, can’t get their own man and feel the need to settle for someone else’s weak, sorry, poor excuse of a man.

    No I’m not a bitter woman, I’m happily married to an absolutely wonderful man. I find it odd that you say weak and desperate women are cheated on because of that and that they blame the other woman and in the same breath you blame the cheated on woman’s “weak and desperate ways” as the reason they are cheated on, instead of the real reason “the sorry excuse for a man”. Newsflash sweetie: Both weak and strong women have been cheated on and well over majority was because of the cheating MAN’S issues not the strong or weak cheated on woman. You must be really, really young.

  62. NIHSA/LEAH/OTHERS- I’m gonna go out on a limb and say, ya’ll are huge fans of Alicia. If so, then I understand your pain.

  63. Get Real,

    I’m a fan of Alicia’s music and philanthropy. Her personal life IS hers. Just like your personal life is yours. With Maturity comes the ability to SEPERATE.

  64. I have commented on this situation once, and unless you do not have a heart in your breast plate, and two breast on your chest, with a painful experience as Mashonda’s then you have no right to comment, without the understanding of what a woman has too experience.

    Mashonda’s pain is not about how many times she will tell of her experience, but how many times can she share her pain with women on both sides of the coin.

    Mashonda was shamed in public, and so will the people who helped dismantle her marriage. How many times, will this type of story be told in the public…many many times!

  65. @ Lean, Beautee, and Nisha

    Anyone can be cheated on at any given moment. It has nothing to do with being weak or strong. It can happen to you. Period. You just need an excuse to blame women because you support the very establishment that screws us over.

  66. @Ciderkiss
    Hunh? *scratches head* Did you mistake my post for someone else’s? I specifically said that weak and strong women are both cheated on and well over majority of the time, it’s NOT the cheated on woman’s fault it’s the cheaters fault.

    I don’t support cheaters and I don’t support women who knowingly cheat with married/supposed to be committed men.

  67. @Ciderkiss

    What are you talking about? I didn’t say anyone was weak or anything else. I said if a man can walk away from you when youv’e been loving and loyal, let the niqqa go. He’s not for you and futhermore. HE DOESN’T WANT YOU! LET HIM GO AND MAKE ROOM FOR A MAN WHO WILL LOVE YOU. AIN’T NO WAY I WOULD BE RUNNING BEHIND A MAN WHO OBVIOULSY DON’T WANT ME.

  68. DEE,


  69. I simply can’t believe she is putting her child on blast like that in a magazine. Can you imagine how you would feel if your mom is out there telling things that you told her. As a child just let him be. Tell he he can call her whatever he wants as long as it is respectful. He is still a child. My daughter has 2 moms and 2 dads – we are not caught up on titles – even though her stepmom cheated with her father while we were together. Once you TRULY let it go it won’t matter what he calls her as long as he is loved.
    Clearly you are not over it.

  70. I thank the good lord that I have not had to go through my relationship drama in the media spotlight. I feel so sorry for these children who should have nothing to do with the drama of these adults. AK & SB are both in the wrong. But guess what? They have moved on. I would not waste not even one second of my time giving interviews about the situation. What’s done is done and when it’s over it’s over. Mashonda and D-Wade’s ex-wife are young women with alot of life left to live. Get your money and move on. As a mother, my focus would be on my kids and making sure they have what they need. I feel bad for these women. I have been where they are. But, at some point, it’s time to stop crying & complaining and move on.

  71. Mashonda… if you’ve “moved on”… why on earth do you keep harping on it? let it go already. *smh* you’re not “helping” anyone with this constant rant, you’re only making yourself look extremely bitter and if this is how you behaved during your marriage… maybe it’s one of the reasons it’s over now. LET GO AND LET GOD WOMAN.

  72. MaShonda needs to move on when she is goood and ready and in the best way that helps HER to do so! I’m so sick of women putting other women down when men stick together. A lot of times when men don’t agree with other men, they’ll just say that they have no comment. Also, this weak and strong woman label is senseless to me! Why can’t we just be women who have weak moments and strong moments. Again, children understand a lot more than we know, so she definitely is not putting her child on blast or hurting the child in any way by telling HER feelings and simply asking whorish Keys not to have her child call her umi. If it’s all just a name that she shouldn’t care about, then Alicia shouldn’t care either. The mom has the rights!

  73. While I don’t like this situation and feel for Mashonda in some ways. I have to be honest that Alicia didn’t wreck her home, Swizz did. That London girl Jahna came first so that is your breach in the marriage. Your marriage was wrecked with his first act of infidelity, it doesn’t matter if the girl knew he was married or not, he knew and the act is the act. If Mashonda wants to talk that is her business but she does need to stop acting like her home was intact and place the blame where it really belongs,with Swizz. I understand that since Alicia ended up marrying Swizz it looks like she is the one that caused all the trouble. I have been cheated on before and the girl knew me and while she was not my favorite person for a time we are on speaking terms because my anger was for my now ex-fiancee it was his fault. I recognized there was no use in getting jealous over the woman and while it is not easy I had to accept that I was really in denial by trying to just blame her. If Mashonda continues to just blame Alicia she will never heal.

  74. @Sepiastar, Mashonda did do a song last year. It’s called Dirty Laundry ft. Eve. You can find it on Youtube or Singersroom. Her next single was called No Panties. They are listed as buzz singles for her album titled ‘Renovation Series’ but they didn’t get any buzz. So she has been venting for a while now.

  75. Now when alicia ignores mashonda’s child and doesn’t want him around, i hope she will remember this interview, I would never in my life go and repeat what my child told me, There is a certain trust between a child and his mother and i could never break that bond regardless of how hard I’m trying to hang on to some dyck. It’s pathetic that mashonda gave swiss and alicia all of her power, I hope she doesn’t mistake the 3 and a half LITTLE girls pumping her on this post for anything, because she is pathetic …

  76. Okay. I think what the “team mashonda” people fail is not at all upset about swiss cheating on her with Alicia at all. I’m sad to say that she is only upset that swiss left her for someone prettier and richer and more famous. Mashonda reminds me of tiny, They put on those Ride or die shoes, let their man run around town, thinking that if they make themselves flexible enough they will be kept as bottom bitch, Her plans backfired 🙂 You can only blame yourself for that, Alicia did not wreck her home, what she did is got a man to divorce his ex and marry her, you can analyze that all you want, I’m more disturbed at the jealousy and hatred toward alicia, fantasia,Gabrielle, But Nobody is advising these women to never ever again let a man steal their power away,stop beign intimate with him knowing he is doing it to another woman too, and we are what again? Strong women? Whatever.

  77. Have you women lost all your morals and scruples that god gave you…She obviously loved her husband which is in the vows of marriage along with some others that you profess before god and others…No i don’t think Mashonda is jealous of ak…She is hurt that such a woman that talked about karma and jane doe (which ak played) and ish would actually stoop to the level of sleepin with another woman’s husband and keep face like nothing is wrong. These crazy women are backing the other one up…When you get a divorce and truly love someone you will suffer a little death her other half is missing…Half of you women never probably experienced that and show no signs of empathy maybe you will experience it one day. Things take time…Mashonda doesn’t strike as one to roll in the mud she will eventually move on…AK won’t respond to her in emails what better way to get a hold of her through publicity right…

  78. One other thing, yes the man is at fault just as much as the woman is …thats a whole entire different story of why we give passes to these men and scratch the women’s eyes out…

  79. here is a thought people, why do you think she keeps taking interviews about her ex husband. Every time there is that more information releases about his affairs. This “umi” situation should of been settled with a simple phone call to his father voicing her dislike and that is it. She mentioned how the lady in london informed her that the same was asked of her child, why is that mentioned in an interview that isn’t her kid or concern. She claims that her interviews about this subject is to help other women. I disagree, she is taking every chance she gets to show Alicia Keys in a negative light. I looked up “umi” and it means mother and a whole lot of other things in other languages it probably was harmless and not meaning to replace her as his mother but that could be one of her fears since she only blames her for the failing of her marriage, she thinks she is going to try and take her child’s love away as well. That little boy knows who his mommy is and I’m sure considering how much she went through to have a sit down convo with them he will never doubt her love for him. There is just no need to keep up the media assaults on this woman, she can’t look you straight in you eyes cuz, she knows that there relationship was improper but I’m sure she didn’t set out or make it one of her goals to cause her harm. Not excusing the actions of both parties but she got too comfortable with her relationship. A man will loose respect for a woman when the only question they ask is how high when they are told to jump.

  80. Mashonda’s problem is that she gave this man her soul. I understand she has been hurt but the angle of the interviews are not helping woman to handle those situations. All I see is her constant dirt throwing at the new Mrs. Dean. Agree or Disagree with how things started, how they were handled but what exactly does she want AK to say to her? She says she don’t respect her or never gave her any respect, baby if she was sleeping with your husband and smiling up in your face when she seen you out at events, what in the world makes you think she is going to respect you? I would like to see an interview about how she is getting on with her life after divorce, without mentioning any negative situation between her and the current Mrs. Dean. How woman can turn the negative things around into positive without dishing dirt on anyone or putting a negative light on decisions that others made.

  81. “Have you women lost all your morals and scruples that god gave you”

    I haven’t which is why unlike mashonda i don’t stick around for a cheating lying man to step on my heart and betray me, I would have never stayed with him having a baby, and i would have never married him knowing he could not be faithful to me,so gynere,if as i believe you were talking to me, Don’t ever come at me like that again.
    “What better way to hold her attention then publicly” The weak women syndrome is Spreading…

  82. Lol…..Mashonda is GETTING PAID….Duh! She is obviously over it and under the next dude, so these are all chances to extend her 15 minutes of fame.

    I am not mad at her…get it girl….put the cheaters on blast and get your money…..

  83. Reading many of the “opinions” here, I note that some females have the morals of an alley cat—just like Alicia Keys. Yep, they WILL sleep with someone else’s man, I see that fidelity means NOTHING to many here. Fucc’d up individuals ENTER fucc’d up “liaisons” with no conscience.

    ‘How you start? IS how you end.” Believe THAT.

    Whatever these whores got coming to them? Trust, time is the ONLY thing that IS on their side and eventually this, too, will be replaced when Kharma starts kicking their asses. The law of Spirit is simply not going to allow wrong-doing to prevail.

    And yes, the mass Media DID play into “demonizing” BOTH Fantasia and Gabrielle because they are darker-hued sistas and they never “got any love” inasmuch as support goes.

    Memo just in? Saints and Devils come in all hues—pale-faces to porcelain to beige, etc. included.

  84. Dang Angie J and Brad didnt get this much abuse. LOL…..Leave Alicia alone we will all have to one day fall before the MOST HIGH GOD….There isnt any finger pointing then cause you’ll be busy worrying about your own salvation~ Mashonda needs to let go and let GOD.

  85. Karma and Irony a match made in heaven. We all have to be weary of words_thoughts and actions not just celebs and rich ppl. Just because someone is richer than you doesnt mean GOD loves u more or less. Wake up ppl.

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