Mashonda’s Juicy Remake

During a recent interview with Lenny Green of New York’s 98.7, Mashonda debuted her remake of the 1982 Mtume classic Juicy Fruit. Though best known to the public as the disgruntled ex-wife of producer Swizz Beatz, Mashonda is also an accomplished singer/songwriter whose vocals have appeared on songs by Eve (Gotta Man), Jay-Z (Girl’s Best Friends) and Mya (Best of Me).

Give the track a listen below and let us know if you think Mashonda did the original justice.


  1. DAM that is really good…she sound better than Alicia

  2. Guess she didnt have that It factor like Alicia…. Thats the only reason I brought her up…not about who luv who!

  3. Its like why now….u wanna sing she should have been collecting beats while she was there…GHEESH!

  4. Mashonda put out an album in 2005 but due to poor performance of the 1st and 2nd singles the album was shelved and never released in the US. It was only released in Japan.

    When it comes to classic songs I am one of those that wish folks wouldn’t mess with them. Rarely are they done justice. I prefer artists to be inspired by classics and then make original music. She doesn’t have a bad voice but I will take the original.

  5. I forgot that I saw on another website several said that she remade Biggie’s song. SMH at the musical gap we have LOL!! We got to educate our youngins better….

  6. She has no soul in her voice… and she is flat… Oh mayne my ears are bleeding… I can really do with out this ever again…

  7. I was skeptical when I read the posting. Most of the time when artist remake classic songs I hate it. I actually like this remake, she did a good job. I still prefer the original but if this was playing on the radio I could groove with it. Especially in the summertime, windows rolled down going to the beach..Summer hurry up 🙁

  8. OMG Koko you are so right. A lot of young ppl have no idea that Biggie is not the creator of that beat/song.

  9. I behooves me that the editor of this article would right “disgruntled ex-wife” on a Brown Sista sight that is suppose to represent positive Black Women.

    How the hell would you feel if you’re pregnant and your HUSBAND is cheating on you with the next damn chic?!?!?!?

  10. She sounds really good. She needs to re-establish herself and start all over.



    I get it, tho’. It’s a familiar song, classic, people will instantly recognize it (the beat). It’s really a darn good song.

    Good luck.

  12. She sounds really good. I like it. She has a good sound to her and hope to hear more from here. Sad to say tho she will always be known to some as “Swizz Beatz bitter ex-wife”…


    Mashonda has really nice vocals and sounds reeeeeally good for a person who isn’t doing this everyday…I know she has a singing history…so kudos to Mashonda!…she has so much to focus on…plus, the money and contacts to pull off whatever great feat she desires!

    Orignial music would be great…what would it sound like? What if it wasn’t retro 60s,70s and 80s samples and sounds?

    I don’t think it’ll happen anytime soon because producers in studios create the music…instead of producers, singers and musicians…some of the best music has come about by chance, spontaneous, in a flicker of a moment…a meandering thought…a melody in an artist’s head…how music is made nowadays greatly limits creativity…Janelle Monae, Jill Scott, Kindred (love their new song/video)…Kem (Al Jarreau and Lionel Richie inspired, but totally his)…Tiffany Monique (can’t wait for a full cd)…Kanye West, Jay-z, Eminem, Damian Marley, Nas, R Kelly…originals…artists like Ciara and others should get band, rehearse everyday and come up with something we haven’t heard and slay…what made Chaka Khan or Sade was their Band…Janet had producers who knew music and were musicians/artists so her music catalogue is chocked full of timeless melodic original music, while Jimmy Jam states they were inpsired by Karen Carpenter’s music…it’s cool to be inspired…but, to hear some original music is always a welcome listen!

  14. @phoenix u are a HATER that has no MUSICAL talent or the art of HEARing any kind of note at ALL chile….so go listen to ya gurl RIHANNA! smhlol

  15. WOW she sounds really good….I love this song..good luck!

  16. I was expecting it to be way worst, i’m shocked and impressed.

  17. She sounds good. Nice vocals for sure. I just like originals to left alone – unless you are sampling. But taking the entire song – nahhhh. I’ll pass.

  18. I’ve never liked this song, and I’d hate to hear it again on the radio in 2011, but she sounds nice. What about making a new song?

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