Matt Kemp Is Mr. Funny Man

Rihanna’s new relationship with baseball player Matt Kemp has really intrigued the public. So much so, a website, Funny or Die, has created a spoof video that shows how the couple’s relationship might have come about.

Funny stuff…


  1. LMFAO, I’m sorry that was funny!
    People are going to seriously go in on this situation HEAVY!

    Kemp’s agent supposedly said they are just really good friends. LMFAO @ RihannaDaily saying they heard all that before. EXACTLY!

  2. Too funny lol… we know that’s not the real Matt. Matt is extremely sexy… Get it Rih lol

  3. I saw this on another site and I busted up laughin;*
    @ Toy,
    Yeah, we have heard that before!!! She better let that be know so we don’t mess around and find her “Friend” happy self in ICU…Just sayin

  4. @TOY

    Spoofs can can be done by the people who are being spoofed- ie, Beyonce on SNL “SPOOFING” her Single Ladies video with Justin Timberlake.

  5. whats so funny about the agent saying they are friends. Its not like rihanna came out and told anyone of you that Matt Kemp is her man,and its all good and he’s her one and only. The only thing you guys saw were too people having fun together in Mexico, then you all taking things and running with it.

  6. he is funny 2 bad what he said was so true, the emotional baggage, showing nipples- i wonder if he really believes it. that’s what made it funny to me-the truth in it.

  7. @Cicely – That’s true. =)
    @Whatever – I wasn’t laughing at what her agent said. I was laughing because her leading site whom Rihanna actually affiliates herself with personally, doesn’t even believe what the agent says. They normally always believe anything Rihanna says.

  8. @toy, well that’s my point. What did rihanna say? No statement officially came from her or her camp. So what is the big deal? She never claimed him. Also you all know the person in the skit is not matt right? cause some of you all seem to think its really him. LMAO.

  9. @WHATEVER, I AM LAUGHING AT RIHANNADAILY.COM. I never said she said ANYTHING. Anyone who visits that source knows that RihannaDaily.Com normally makes up excuses until Rihanna comes out with a statement. It seems that this time around they are not going to do it for her. It seems as if no matter what she says or will say, they won’t believe her anyway… if she denies it.

  10. This is exactly why I sais Rhianna should learn to be more discreet.

    If they are lovers or friends wouldn’t matter because no one would know but them two. If they were dating and it didn’t work out it wouldn’t matter because no one would have ever known. You let in your business and they stir up all kinds of mess.

    The pics with him grabbing her behind and all that other mess was crazy. That right there says “were sleeping together.”

    I always kept my business to myself. The more people know about you the more they talk about you. Spectulation is one thing but Fact baby is a whole different ball game.

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