Meagan @ Thomas Jones’ B’day Bash

Reports of a Meagan Good/Thomas Jones break up were probably a bit premature. The couple, who haven’t been seen out together in months, were both at the Halo Nightclub over the weekend for Thomas’ 29th birthday celebration.And though we don’t have pics of the couple together, it’s cool that whether they are a couple or not, Meagan still cared enough for Thomas to show up.


  1. Well obviously there still somethin’ there whatever that maybe. But Meagan I do not like that ash brown weave I like the Black Weave better overall still pretty

  2. I wish she would ditch the weave period. She looks great with her natural hair. If anything Rihanna has proven that sistas don’t have to weaved out to make it in Hollywood, whether it be music or movies.

  3. i get so sick of people acting like rihanna is the first black woman to rock short hair. get over it!

  4. Shes getting her looks back together. She looks pretty good here.

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