Meagan & Devon Get Cutesy for Essence


The February edition of Essence magazine is out now; and while cover stars Steve and Marjorie Harvey have been getting all the attention, if you read the inside pages you will find a nice little photo shoot and interview with Anchorman 2 actress Meagan Good and her husband Devon Franklin.

The pair, who will celebrate their second anniversary in June, have been busy the last year carving out a career for themselves as new age marriage counselors.

Though still newlyweds, Meagan and DeVon have toured the Christian circuit dispensing dating advice and even have plans to pen a Christian-style relationship manual that among others things, will tackle the issue of celibacy while dating.

In their interview, Meagan says she and DeVon help keep each other grounded and that the key to happiness in Hollywood is making time for your partner.

“We make time for each other every day,” says Meagan. Nothing comes before DeVon. Not a movie or photo shoot… nothing.”

DeVon utters the same, saying Hollywood marriages tend to fail because couples put work before marriage. “Meagan and I both have strenuous time consuming careers. But no matter what, we make sure to make time for each other. If she’s working late, I’ll get off early and hang with her on set or vise versa.”

Think Like a Man 2,’ the film that brought the couple together back in 2011, is also expected to be released in late spring/early summer.

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