Meagan Good, A Singer?

Meagan Good’s once hot acting career has slowed down a bit over the last year and thus the young diva is looking to expand her portfolio. Already an accomplished actress and producer, Meagan is looking to add singer to the list. According to online reports, and Meagan’s own mouth, the singer has started a group called the Hello Girls, which features her sister LaMiya Good. When asked what kind of music the public can expect from the Hello Girls, Meagan said the group would be “kinda punky” with a sound that would be a “mixture between the Beastie Boys and Vanity 6.”

No word when Meagan’s group will release an album or a single; however, a promo shot has been released that seems to show a smidgen of the punk/rock/grunge image the girls will reportedly be going for.

On a serious note however, I hope Meagan and the girls go for more than just looks and an image. If they want a serious musical career then they need to take the music seriously and do more than just take cute pics and make sexy Vanity 6 inspired videos.

Meagan needs to come correct.

I wish her well.


  1. I will wait until I hear the music to judge. But I agree with you Sista and hope they come correct and not approach their music like its a gimmick.

  2. Ok so now I am supposed to believe Meagan can sing? Really? I Havent even heard this child hum…

  3. Meagan’s sister can sing so chances are she can too. Whether either of them is on a Whitney Houston level remains to be seen. I hope they come with something though cause we need a black girl group on the scene.

  4. First off shes not the greatest actress.

    Secondly when times are tough ya do what ya gotta she gon sing to us….lol

    meagen stop while your ahead!

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