Meagan Good… An X-Men?

X-Men producer Bryan Singer recently name dropped actress Meagan Good while discussing the status of X-Men: First Class. Singer was originally asked about Taylor Lautner playing the role of a younger Wolverine when he quickly dismissed that as “rumor,” but added Meagan was indeed a potential go- but still not 100% certain.

Meagan would more than likely take over the role of Storm (Ororo Munroe), which was originally played by Halle Berry. So far James McAvoy Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence have been cast to play the young mutants, with more on the way.

Should Meagan eventually land the role, it will be one huge feather in her a cap and a role that she would probably play for several sequels.



  1. I hope she gets it. It will really open more doors for her.

    Please take the role Meagan!!! YES!!!

  3. Wasn’t Ororo a dark skinned African from AFRICA! This is bullshit.

  4. I really hope she gets the role, because I could REALLY see her playing Storm.

  5. :stop: Nnnooooooooooo!!! She can’t act for shit! I am a Storm stan and even Halle didn’t get her character right! They need to cast an unknown! Btw, @CIDERKISS, Storm is more of a medium/yellow sista. lol She has Egyptian roots mixed with other stuff (she’s also a mutant that doesn’t really classify as a specific race based on her physical features anyway).

  6. OH MY GOD,PLEASE I HOPE SHE GETS THE PART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    shes been in the game since 1991 but still aint A-LIST.SMH

    MAN THIS WOULD BE A DREAM!!!!! :hifive:

  7. i know you want this girl to have a chance but dam BE REALISTIC!!!

    this is not for her….it just isnt… keep looking babe…

    :noway: :stop:

  8. sorry… this ain’t the role for her. i’m not hating and i swear i wish meagan the best but STORM???!!!! have they actually read the damn comics?! meagan has NOTHING in common with storm and her very marginal acting skills will only ruin the character. they screwed up casting Halle in the role and now they’ll further jack it up with meagan. *smh*

  9. THey should cast Yaya Dacosta, she would be perfect for a young Storm.

  10. I’d like to see her in this role. It would be a major step up in her career. She may not be the best actress as some of you guys have said, but there are alot of very bad actors out there who are way more famous than her. So if they get fame for bad acting, then I think Meagan surely deserves some more attention by way of a more high budget, high profile movie.

  11. I agree with Jayne Yaya would be a much better choice, she looks regal and she’s shreaded. I mean she looks like how they draw those comics.

  12. Every role Meagan plays I am absolutely floored at how good she is (Remember Eve’s Bayou). Even when she is not speaking you know how she feels just by looking at her. I know ONE DAY This girl is going to win an OSCAR

  13. This will be the movie that will get her out of those roles she has played for so long as the girlfriend, or sex-kitten. This will push her career to the next level.

    Simply Phillip Brown

  14. I would love to see her in more films. And I noticed she has branched out to more Horror/Thriller films in recently. I hope to see her in some Action movies too.

    If she is gonna be in X-Men, I wish her luck. I think she’s a great actress

  15. I would rather see Yaya too because I think she could pull it off. Zoe Saldana too.. It has to be somebody with a presence, quiet intensity and a look that represents that character.

  16. Zoe may be a good actress, but why we gotta see the same faces all da damn time. Megan has had the time to work on her acting, which actually isn’t as bad as ya’ll make it out to be. It’s just that she has been typecast for so long no one has really seen her range.

    I like Yaya too, but i kinda feel like Megan has paid her dues…especially playing 2nd fiddle to lesser known white actresses in those shitty horror flicks.

    Broaden the pool a little for crying out loud…its 2010, do we really need Zoe, Kerry,or Halle to be our only black go to girls for hollywood?

    give megan a chance…she just may surprise u. I for one would much rather see her on the hollywood grind than clubbing in her recycled get-ups.

  17. :lol2: @ Lady B “clubbing in her recycled get ups.” :lol2:

    Meagan has definitely been typecasted and I for one, would like to see her breakaway and try something different. I’d like to see her in a more adult, edgy role. I think she would do it justice actually. She has room to push herself with that role and those are usually the best performances.

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