Meagan Good Anabel Mobile Promo Shots

Meagan Good is the spokesperson and Global Ambassador for the Nigerian Telecommunications company Anabel Mobile. The actress signed on for the gig last year and shot promotional photos for the company earlier this year.

You can check out the photo shoot below, which also appears on the company’s website.

For those wondering what Meagan is up to on the acting front; the actress is presently in Louisiana shooting Video Girl, a film that co-stars Claudia Jordan, Esther Baxter and Hailie Duff.

Meagan Good Promotoes Nigerian Anabel Mobile01Meagan Good Promotoes Nigerian Anabel Mobile03Meagan Good Promotoes Nigerian Anabel Mobile04Meagan Good Promotoes Nigerian Anabel Mobile05Meagan Good Promotoes Nigerian Anabel Mobile02


  1. ok…? what the hell. so why could they not find other nigerian celebrities to rep this. ugh. seriously what has this world come to???? smh. smh

  2. Ok I think this is wonderful…a nigerian company asking her to rep them…it shows global awareness africans embracing african americans, who knows she just might have nigerian roots…at least they are acknowledging us…and she looks beautiful…keep up the ‘good’ work…pun intended

  3. @TUTU I know right….but the photos are “typical Meagan Good” cute

  4. I really like the last photo.
    For these pix to be an ad, they sure AREN’T showing the phone well 😐

    Maybe they chose Megan Good to garner some shine here in the US. A Nigerian celeb wouldn’t have done that for them…

  5. I beleive they used Meagan because Nigeria is quite Westernized. Nigerian women are quite flye and will embrace and relate to Megan as the spokesperson worldwide, Africa, UK, Caribbean, US and so on…via the internet, satellite and print ads.

  6. She is pretty and she has gorgeous skin, but that hair style is just not for her. For a while i was thinking she got surgery or something that messed up her looks, but the more I look at her pictures I see that it’s that awful style. Everything is not for everyone, that doesn’t fit your face sweetie.

  7. Those first two images…she looks tired and just busted. Sorry. But the rest are cute. 🙂

  8. Gorgeous-she always looks like a teenager and that’s a compliment. It like she hasn’t aged since “Eve
    bayou” Btw she’s a good actress, besides the look.

  9. Y’all some hypocrites. Now usually if an AMERICAN celebrity goes to promote a product anywhere else besides AMERICA, y’all would be dogging them out saying that they’re washed-up in the States and they can only get love everywhere else. But because it’s an African country suddenly it’s the bomb? Let’s call a spade a spade and face facts: There’s no way Verizon or T-Mobile would call on Meagan Good to rep their product. Going overseas was the only way for her to stay somewhat relevant.

  10. What is she doing in Abuja? Hmm Congratulations to her, as long as she loves what she does.

  11. Rita Dominic, Ini edo or even Monalisa Chinda would have made a fiesty Ambassador But In true African fashion , we don’t appreciate what we have…

  12. I disagree with Nne, I sure a Nigerian celeb could garner as much shine with natural African beauty as Meagan Good.

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