Meagan Good & Hubby to Dispense Relationship Advice

Does the two month old marriage of movie executive/preacher DeVon Franklin to actress Megan Good qualify either to give relationship advice? Well, according to published reports, producers of Oprah’s OWN network think it does.

DeVon, who recently appeared on OWN’s Super Soul Sunday, is a motivational speaker and recently published his first book, “Produced by Faith: Enjoy Real Success without Losing Your True Self.”

Meagan, an accomplished actress, producer and part time singer, has also been passing out advice lately, and says she went through enough bad relationships in her life to have learned a thing or two about what to do, and what not to do, when looking to snag that special someone.

Put all those things together and apparently the folks at OWN think the couple would be perfect at hosting their own relationship workshop via the network.

Meagan and DeVon have been chronicling their newlywed bliss via the actress’ WhoSay page and definitely appear to be a couple on a mission to project a wholesome and healthy Hollywood union.

So what say you, Brown Sistas; are you ready to take relationship advice from black Hollywood’s latest IT couple?


  1. I really like them as a couple and I really like Meagan as an individual. I think she will make a great Preacher’s Wife and I see them going far together.

  2. I hope it works and they do a couples’ round table discussion with…

    Will& Jada
    Denzel and Pauletta
    Gabby and D-Wade
    Chantel Moore and Kenny Lattimore
    Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon
    Salli Richardson and Dondre Whitfield

    and others…

  3. They make a nice looking couple. Are they qualified to give relationship advice? As a person married 17 years, I’m not sure what I could learn from a couple married only a couple of months….but who knows?

    @Cynthia, I like your idea of a round table discussion with long standing married couples as the participants, however Chante Moore and Kenny Lattimore are no longer married. However, if you were looking for couples married and non-married alike, then by all means leave them on the list.

  4. @ CYNTHINIA, you should work for OWN, great idea.

    Btw, DeVon used to work for Will and is good friends with him and TD Jakes.

  5. When did Chante and Kenny divorce????? OMG, Chante is HANDS DOWN my FAVORITE SINGER ON EARTH!!!!!!! If this is true, I am crushed (they were such an attractive couple)-not that that is the litmus test to a long-standing relationship.


  6. I don’t think either one of them are qualified to give relationship advice, they didn’t even date that long before they got married and I’m still not convinced that their relationship will last 5 years.

  7. They make a cute couple BUT!!!

    How about they make it to 6+ years of marriage then hand out advice and tips. PPL kill me, they still high off the newness give me a break.

  8. I think this is a recipe for disaster. I mean they just got married, live a little get to know each other before you start counseling people on relationships. It’s always people who don’t know trying to teach those who may know more than them. Marriage is a process that comes with many UPS and downs, what’s Hot and Happening before u get married ain’t he same when ur married. There’s a saying that goes Do you before u do others.

  9. I have to say that I have been married only 5 years and I love it, but it’s work. If I were them I would hold off on advice-giving because they are still in the begining/blissfull stages basking in each others eyes. LOL! Some couples break up after the “Newness” is gone, thinking they’re not in love any more. I like them but I think they should wait. (My Opinion)

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