Meagan Good At The Love Guru Premiere

Actress Meagan Good was a vision of loveliness as she appeared with her longtime boyfriend football player Thomas Jones at the premiere of her new movie, The Love Guru. The “Stomp The Yard” actress, who is in the midst of shooting two more films, The Unborn and Saw V, walked the red carpet in a green flowery dress and cowhide inspired pumps which she kept pulling her dress up to reveal to hungry photographers. Some of Meagan’s fashion choices have come under scrutiny lately but I think she did good with her above look.

Meagan admitted to working with a stylist for her show stopping outfits at the MTV Movie Awards and Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards and I think the same stylist was probably employed to pull of Meagan gorgeous summer inspired look here.

I’m also loving Meagan’s shoe game as of late. Those cowhide pumps deserve their own post.


  1. I think Megan looks gorgeous, its a shame cause she seems t be very understated…. (correct me if i’m wrong about being understated but in London we don’t hear alot about her)

    But I think she is very talented.

    P.S Loving those shoes as well…..

  2. She look really good and them shoes is the issue for real.

  3. Someone e-mailed me that Meagan’s shoes are YSL Tribute Pumps. She also said the shoes are leopard print not cowhide. LOL. I have never seen a black and white leopard but I’ll take her word for it πŸ˜†

    Thank you Dana πŸ™‚

  4. Meagan looks stunning. I think, both, her dress and shoes are very pretty. I definitely ain`t mad at Thomas Jones.

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  5. Whew! She’s high on my list of young and beautiful in Hollywood.

    I love the shoes. LOVE THEM. And her hair looks so light, soft and simply styled. As usual her skin is flawless and her make-up is divine.

    After looking at the entire dress, I’m not too keen on it. I like the first and last pics but when I see the dress top to bottom, I don’t like the way it fluffs out in the chest. The pattern is very nice, as well as the halter look on top and the bare back. But the fluffy collar isn’t vibing with me.

  6. I love the shoes, but not with that dress. Don’t go together. I ain’t mad at her tho. I’d be liftin up my dress too…”Heeyyyy, look at my shoes yall!” πŸ™‚

  7. Not too keen on the pattern of the dress, but those shoes!!! Love them! LOL. She looks relaxed and casual. Hope the movie is worth it; I love Mike Meyers. πŸ™‚

  8. Thats what im talking about Meagan, She looks Fabulous.

  9. She looks lovely. Her skin is flawless, she just needs to stop smoking.

  10. Sorry guys I have to disagree. Megan looks nice but I don’t like those shoes and I don’t see why everyone is crazy about them. Oh well πŸ™‚

  11. She looks good. Call me crazy, but I like the dress. I don’t think the shoes go with the dress. The patterns aren’t going together. From the picture of the shoes, they look nice. Is there a side shot of the shoes?

  12. Is this a Meagan Good fan site? It seems like every other post is about her. Anyway, she’s a very pretty girl. She just always manages to look cheap when she’s out and about (i.e. the above pics). The earrings are all wrong and dated. The dress is hideous and the shoes don’t go. Besides, we’ve already seen them on Erykah B. and Jada P.

  13. No, this is a -> Meagan Good fan site. If Meagan sneezes they report it. We only carry the big news about her and lately the sista has been everywhere because she is after all promoting one of the most highly anticipated movies of the summer.

    Also, Meagan Good is a huge keyword for this site. I get thousands of visitors a day looking for info on Meagan. She has a lot of fans- mostly male I think. Either way, I gotta give them what they want πŸ™‚

  14. Every blog covers Meagan Good. If she is seen at an event or club or just walking down the street blogs are going to post about it. She definitely has fan base or else she wouldn’t be covered so heavily.

  15. Bloggers may post about her but I think it’s because there is something really cheap and slutty looking her. She is always looking at the camera with a “come here and f%ck me look”. Her appeal has nothing to do with her acting or anything else career related. Honestly unless she is half dressed comments about her are almost always pretty low. She is just boring to me. But then so is Gabrielle and Sanaa. No Black actress at the moment has caught the imagination of Black people like Lindsay Lohan, Meagan Fox and Scarlette Johansen have caught the imaginations of White people. Where is the talent, beauty and charisma at with so many of our actresses?

  16. As a Male, Meagan fan. Thank You for covering her every sneeze πŸ˜‰ she’s so fine.

  17. “No Black actress at the moment has caught the imagination of Black people like Lindsay Lohan, Meagan Fox and Scarlette Johansen have caught the imaginations of White people. ”

    Let me just add that I’m not only male but also white. I’m not into Lindsay at all. I think she’s talent-less. don’t really care about Meagan Fox. you got me on Miss Johansen..but Ms Good is my favorite flavor πŸ˜‰

  18. are y’all blind? the dress and shoe combo was off point and so too the cheap make-up. other than being pretty in a bratts doll way, i really don’t get the hype surrounding this chick!

  19. I love the shoes And is it me or she added some booty weight? either way she looks great but the movie is a h-e-ll no for me



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