Meagan Good At The MTV Awards

Meagan Good @ MTV Movie Awards Actress Meagan Good, who was nominated in the Best Kiss category at the MTV Movie Awards, showed up for the event decked out in a strapless babydoll dress and looking like a million bucks. Meagan hands down wins my vote for not only best dressed but for best hair and make-up as well. Yes, I know the sista was sporting her signature name plate earrings again, but just this once I will not hold it against her as the rest of her outfit was definitely on point. Meagan was one of only a handful of Black women at the event and what made her stand out to me was her naturalness. In the era of big wigs, heavy make-up and next to nothing outfits, Meagan’s overall good girl next door look was quite refreshing. Her hair was was gorgeous and natural looking, while her make-up was to die for. I am a huge fan of drawn on eyebrows (I admit it) and hers were perfectly sculpted. Kudos to Meagan’s stylist, hair and make-up people. This is the best I have seen our sista looking in quite some time.

And for those wondering, the answer is No. Meagan and Columbus Short did not win for Best Kiss. The coveted popcorn statuette instead went to Will Ferrell & Sacha Baron Cohen for Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

FYI: The key to drawing on perfect eyebrows in not use black pencil but rather bown. Yes I know your brows may be black but using a black pencil will be too strong and you will end up looking clown-ish.

More images of Meagan can be seen on the pages below and look for our Best Dressed Poll in the next post by Stephanie.


  1. I am not a big fan of Meg’s but :iagree: with Debra. I like the outfit. Its sort of a Punk-Rock, French-maid thing going on. I like it. But Yes, I could use a break from seeing those earrings. I would trade skin with her in a hearbeat. I tend to get mild acne with the change of Spring/Summer.

  2. Your French maid description was perfect Liyah :thumbsup:

    Meagan’s hair is my favorite though as it does look extremely natural. I wish more sistas would go for a more simpler look like this rather than the whole lace front wig thing. Meagan’s natural beauty shows through here perfectly and that’s what really makes this whole look work.

    Change the hair and this outfit automatically becomes very street-walker-ish- especially with those darn fishnets on 😆

  3. Once again :iagree: I wish sisters would go more natural. I don’t like the lace fronts either and I like Tyra banks but sometimes she just looks so fake. I guess she’s use to all the glamour being a former run way model.

  4. Meagan is so cute. This outfit is spot-on for an MTV award show. She’s a naturally beautiful sista and I agree with Liyah that Meagan has terrific skin.

  5. Megan is a WONDER PERSON! Just love her. I’ve met her a few times and she’s a sweetie pie!

    Her look is very grown up and sheek! She’s looks amazing. Love her! FAB CHICK! LOL 🙂

  6. She can’t act her way out of a shoe box but she sure is cute and her skin is flawless. She sure did grow out of that big tooth phase nicely 😆

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